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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Power system additional suggestions

A topic by suicidejunkie created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 169
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Wind turbines were mentioned elsewhere, but I feel they should be included in this list.

* Inconsistent power generation, but operates at night.

* Recipe should probably include girders, gears, and metal plates.

Generators (fuel-fired)

* Huge power density, perhaps 25-50 per generator, but requires a scavenged and refined fuel resource to operate.

* Like a smelter in reverse, it could process fuel into "nothing", and consume negative amounts of energy while doing so.

* If there is not enough consumption or storage available, the generator should cease operation. To keep it simple, the generator could include an attached battery of 50 points, so consumption does not need to be considered, merely if storage is available on each tick. The generator should always be considered last, after solar panels/RTGs/wind turbines have had a go at charging the base.


* Like a conduit, but can be toggled to disconnect without having to tear up and replace them.

* Even better if the switches can be linked to an empty room module in your base for remote control.

This will allow you to keep an emergency reserve of batteries or O2 generators, and connect them to the main base only in an emergency.

Control Room Module

* A new base module. When clicked, it brings up a control panel screen with a set of toggle switches with user-specified labels.

* Each switch on the panel can be linked to various modules in the base and allow you to turn them on and off remotely.

Major uses currently be:

- Outdoor floodlights (turn them on before you leave, turn them all off when you return)

- Smelters (save power by shutting them all off when you don't need them)

- Emergency Power (Connect/disconnect a block of batteries)

- Greenhouse Toggle (Shut it down when there are no seeds or water available)