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Dashing Feels Terrible.

A topic by taffeta created Sep 06, 2019 Views: 118 Replies: 2
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So, admitting right out I've only played about .... forty minutes now, largely in the tutorial and a few minutes in episode one. I was incredibly excited for this, as it looks spot on beautiful, the level available is sprawling and exciting to explore, the grind mechanics work a treat.

but this irregular timed button mashing turns a relaxing experience into disappointing hell. Tie it into an incredibly unforgiving graffiti gauge, and punishment for bad timing.... I just can't imagine why you've done this the way you have. It's really really miserable. I can appreciate the desire to make it more skill-based than 'tilt forward, hammer trick button, top out speedometer', but this is so much too far it's painful.

It can't be just a straight clone of the JSRF mechanics, I understand that, but could you consider a more relaxed, forgiving setup for people that just wanna.. like.. relax, goof around, enjoy the world? To the tune of locking graffiti gauge segments in unless toppled/damaged, and .... just... something that is not the erratic timed dash tapping you've gone with? I'd like to experience the game at better than a crawl without staring at my feet, slapping away at Circle/R2 hoping to find briefly the rhythm (killing my speed in the process) while jamming to music at an entirely unrelated tempo.


FWIW, I've made it so that if you get the timing right, you can hold for a few moments. But yes, the dashing mechanics are among the things I'm beginning to regret.

Slowly getting used to it (out of pure bullheaded desire to experience the world). It's still not .... _good_ (Dashing, I mean), but I wanna kind of lean back from the frustration I expressed. It's really a lovely game you've put together, and I wouldn't for the world want to have gone without it.

So... apologies and thanks. :)