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Screenshots/videos of progress

A topic by Kenney created Jan 07, 2017 Views: 1,003 Replies: 16
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I'll be posting GIF/videos of progress here, you can find a small collection on my Twitter!

Video collection:

Really nice work on this project :).

I find it really relaxing to watch it, except for the financial issues :p

I am SO excited to play this game! Will it be avalible on Mac?


Yep! Planned is Windows, OSX and Linux.

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Added a pop-up window for buildings;


Added tracks to the game, this meant having to redo a bit of the path structure. It's now possible to tell the game which types of pathway connect to each other. Roads and dirt roads connect, rails don't!

Hi Kenny,
your traffic system looks really good. I was thinking about something similar but not really sure how to get the result. I was thinking about a waypoint system, which gets updated when a new road tile is integrated. Or are you working with Navmesh and update it on runtime?

Thanks a lot!!

Nice work! What engine and language do you use to develop this game?


Forget it, just saw it on Reddit: C# and Unity! :)

How did you make the building window look so fancy?


The building window is just a couple of non-textures transparent panels and outline/shadow effects - simple stuff :)

Thanks! I like your progress so far and I would definately want to play the game when it is released!!

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Progress! Citizens now look for a job, once a sawmill (new building) has employees, energy and trees around it will start producing wood. In this test version it'll ship the wood to completely random factories.

Hi, me once again. Can the camera rotate or will that be implemented later?

Will be implemented later, right now there's little use since all buildings are low. Your view never gets blocked by anything.

yeah, that makes sense :)


Added a new building pop-up! This lists all details about a building plus it's requirements. In this case, a sawmill requires trees, energy and workers!