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Cannot see "play" button

A topic by Dr. Locrian created Jan 05, 2017 Views: 194 Replies: 1
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I'm uploading my first unity project with butler in a draft page, tried uploading a zip with a folder in it, and also a folder with 3 files inside (exe, unityData folder and a readme), both time when i install via app, it say open and not play, what am i doing wrong?

edit: the version is windows, there's no other exe and reading what the documentation says, the app should not find difficulty locating the top leve executable, but still

edit2: i'm dumb, it was because my game was in category: Other



The category shouldn't make a difference. Typically if you don't see a play button it's because you haven't tagged the file with the appropriate platform. eg. if you have a Windows build, make sure to check the Windows checkbox. We can't detect that information automatically.