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[Chiptune Composer] Looking for small to medium projects.

A topic by HOFFY created Jan 03, 2017 Views: 348 Replies: 5
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Hi everyone! My name is John Hoffman, and I'm a chiptune composer from Edmonton, Alberta. My specialty lies in working with tracker programs such as LSDj and Famitracker to compose songs that sound like they came from games on the Gameboy or NES. If I had to describe my musical personality in one word, I would say ... "progressive". I take influences from jazz fusion, prog rock and metal to lay claim to a composition style that is uniquely my own.

Completed Portfolio

  • "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF WHISKERS MAHONE" is a full-length chiptune album that musically summarizes the life of a beloved pet that I had to put to rest in May of this year. In this album, you'll hear prog rock, jazz and cinematic influences that seamlessly combine to paint a unique sonic experience you will NOT find anywhere else.
  • "BOUNDARYMEN VOLUME 1" is part one of a duology that's essentially a love-letter to the retro games of my childhood. Or at least, it started out that way before I felt it needed to also stand apart from the games that influenced its composition (Mega Man, Castlevania etc). By combining my progressive rock tendencies with jazzy chord progressions, I feel I've achieved that.
  • "FLIGHT OF SHIRODEYARU" is a sprawling, epic single that ties into the Boundarymen duology. Moving through multiple time signatures and musical motifs, it stands as my longest and most favorite chiptune composition to date.
  • Reviews (as of May 14, 2016)

    "'Boundarymen Vol. 1' is a remarkable debut album <...> if you're in need of an experience from a new face in the scene, I would strongly recommend checking out HOFFMAN's Bandcamp, as this young man can only continue to impress going forward" -- Bronx Kuma,

    Why work with me?

    As your game's composer, the atmosphere and narrative you are trying to convey is my number-one priority -- and I communicate extensively with my clients to get a very deep sense of what the game's soundtrack requires. My second priority is making your game have the very best soundtrack that it can have, given your budget. Music is currently my full-time focus, so you'll get nothing less than my undivided attention until your soundtrack is complete. Plus, I work pretty fast.


    I am very experienced at what I do, but I am only just entering the industry. My rate is very simple and negotiable: $120 per minute of audio. If you are on a stricter budget, I'm sure there's some kind of agreement we can come to.

    Get a hold of me!







    Looking forward to working with you in the future!



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    I've designed a free sound pack that devs can use for their retro game title screens. It comes with six retro sounds that evoke the sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System!

    Hi everyone. Still looking for new projects! Hit me up.

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    Hey hey! Your music sounds great, but I'm afraid it's a little out of the price range of most individuals looking to make games here on Itchio, which is why you might be having trouble getting replies? (As most people on Itchio are independent creators.) You might find more luck on forums specifically for studios or things like that? Itchio just might not be the place to find the exact clients you're looking for...

    Just a thought! I know it can be extremely difficult to price stuff, and unfortunately most people are underpaid for industry standards when working for other independents (I know I am) but you may want to try having a deal or something to help attract more customers?

    Cuz I know I'd love to work with you, but my limit is usually around $40-50 per minute because I usually require up to 5 songs even for a smaller game. (And since most of the games I release, as well as others, are free, it can be hard to warrant the price...)

    Anyways, I hope this comment isn't discouraging, since it's def not meant to be-- but hopefully it's something to chew on! I hope you're able to find some fun projects to work on!

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    Hi DarkChibiShadow! I appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts on my pricing, and I understand where you're coming from as I've heard some of these points before. Your message is not at all discouraging as I have a pretty thick skin, haha.

    Music is currently a full-time endeavor for me and depending on the month (sometimes even the week as this is a crazy profession), I usually can't afford to charge less than my standard rate. Like many other people in creative industries, my willingness to compromise on my rate depends on a lot of things.

    I won't disclose what I have charged past developers, but I can say I've had some time and experience with pricing and know that what I have charged in the past would not be sustainable in the long-term. I would not be able to become the "cheap" (or "cheapest") option for independent developers unless I start betraying my own values as a producer and as a composer. That not only compromises my morale, but also compromises the health of the industry ... I also don't think my current fanbase or future clients would enjoy seeing my work taking a nosedive!

    All of that being said, I want to see more games getting great music and sound design. I advertise here and several other places because developers (irrespective of where they are in their career or status) should know of me so that one day they can use my services.



    Ah ha! Yeah, I had a feeling that was the case!