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Suggestions/ideas Sticky

A topic by Paradox Entertainment created Jan 03, 2017 Views: 652 Replies: 23
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This is a topic where you can post your ideas.

Try not to post duplicate ideas, up vote other similar ideas instead so that we can find the most popular ideas.

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I can make very big map with 4 main rouds (like rust), but they are for millitary auto (with guns and other rifle, you can grab and pick up all weapon). Change forest to jungle and add 2 millitary base (for auto).

This is look like:

1 server with 50 people. Everybody have house in jungle. And at 3:00pm появляется надпись: машины выехали со своих военных баз. Это не одна машина, а канвой - состоящий из 1 hummer и 2 standart BMP. Все игроки хотят получить оружие и поэтому им приходится объедениться что бы захватить конвой и ограбить его. После чего начинается mega trash, like "killing floor" and "Deathmatch".

Если заинтересовало -

skype: vara590

email: 4uhandi@mail.ru

https://translate.google.com/ Rus to EU


Possibly incorporate the esc button to close out of menus.

Ability to drop unwanted items.

Obviously i understand this is new so i wont care to mention adding new crafting items, or items in general.

Nests that are scattered around show 3 eggs but only provide 2. So maybe make the nests show diffrently and provide the correct amount of eggs as a loot.

YES, the egg thing is really annoying.

I definitely agree with the esc button to close menus. It's a minor thing, but with it existing with practically every other game I've played, it feels weird not using esc.

hay will the multiplayer come back?


Main thing I would like to see of course more to do, day night slowed down with a consistent speed of .008 instead of the waiting clock sky feature and a way to get water. Currently to get water you have to cheat. Let us use leather to make a pouch gather water, give pouch a volume of like 5 and every drink is -1 volume something simple to start with. Even iron ingot craft 5 cans fill them up bam water.

What about a gun or pistol

there is already a pistol in the game

Also some metal tools

BTWs is there metal tools already?

At this point I just wish there was a save system. I can definitely see where you guys are headed here (for what's there it's pretty decent so far) and it's neat to see things are already kind of fleshed out/grounded. The textures are a little off for stuff like the chest and boxes, but other than that keep up the good work. :)

Yes this definitely needs a save system, I would also reccomend adding a weight system to add to the whole survival feel of the game.


That would be cool too. And maybe you could upgrade the system by wearing a backpack or something for your character? That would be neat.


yes, a save feature is a must have on any game... plus, enough daylight so you can actually do something before it gets dark

i also cant figure out how to place a torch on the wall... and the one on the house you start in gives no light i left my door open so i could see the house from the tree i wanted to cut, it got dark and there was 0 light coming from the house so i was in pitch black with no way of knowing where the house was

I also really can not put torches, save and wanted more light of day at least the first time we were born in the world, I have to run because in less than 2 minutes the game has already darkened, but I believe in the future of the game and are small things that can be added quickly. I would recommend this channel on my channel if you make those changes.

i figured the wall torches out, you have to rotate them with the scroll wheel on the mouse till it lines up with the wall you want to put it on, good luck with that as you cant see the ghost image in the dark you just have to rotate it a bit and keep trying in the hope you are close enough

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hi. i LOVE your game! but there are a few things you need to do to make this game more streamlined.

1. Please add a save feature. this would make a lot of people happy.

2. give us a way to get water. without water, the player dies no matter what. maybe you could implement a feature that allows you to max out your water when you swim?

3. add a crafting recipe for the rifle. i would suggest an advanced crafting station made from iron to make advanced items.

i really hope you keep working on this game, and i hope i can help :)

oh wow.. yes now i see somebody asking for a save feature... so listen up dude or dudette. in my opinion nobody will give you contribution unless you add a save feature to your game. i only tip game developers after i have played the game and find i enjoy it greatly.

for example i order a meal at your hypothetical resturaunt, i ask for a to go box. you say TIP ME, then i will give you a to go box. otherwise you can just carry your food out in your hands! :D you wont see a dime from me or more than ten minutes of playtime without a save feature.

thanks, i tried to be nice XD.

in fact i just started it up and i will be deleting the game now until u add a save feature. i wont even play. soooo many other free games on the market likeSOOO MANY. hey have you guys tried raft. hint hint

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i lied. its very similar to rust. my only suggestions are simply add nodes for each resource. remove the starting house and crap. add some basic plot at very least. ie stranded on an island(with awkwardly tall mountain). romve the gloss on the ground. add swimming animation. add many plants and fauna. add more wildlife. then A++ heres 5 bucks from some random peeps. p.s. you bounce when you hit the ground hard.. trampoline island simulator 10/10

until then u r just trollin along for cash. sorry man my money is going to raft today. AND ITS A WAY SMALLER GAME!

Just played the, as of now, current build of the game. Water in cans seems like such a strange idea, especially with the setting being a wilderness island. Perhaps make a craftable canteen or leather pouch for carrying water. And rather than random water pick-ups there could be either puddles, small exhaustible ponds, or have the ability to gather water from the surrounding body and purify it. There is presently a well for water, but it's good to have a variety of options in case things changes in updates.

In terms of supplies, things seem fine for now. There's a decent set of tools for starting out. However, unless there will be a story explaining why we start the game with a fully furnished cabin later on...maybe do away with the fully furnished cabin at the start. Perhaps instead, the player could start on one of the edges of the island with a few planks of wood around them, as if they washed ashore after their boat crashed. Also, while I'm fine with having the random tall mountain, it could stand to be less...sharp. And shiny.

Rabbits and wolves are a good start for animals on the island. Judging by the plants and terrain, it looks like the island could also be suitable for things like bears, wild pigs, and maybe sheep. Possibly reptiles, just for kicks. Maybe expand the island's size a little and stick a few bear caves in the mountain as major threats to brave explorers.

And more audio would be lovely. Try to set up a constant sound rather than a looping wind and tweeting birds. Maybe some subtle, ambient music of some sort. Silence is good for a feeling of solitude, but gets a little stale when gaming. Oh, and footsteps for animals. Those wolves come at you like ninjas if you're not looking right at them.

how about making some more modern things maybe living the ages of civilization