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[MASSIVE SALE - 80% OFF ALL GAMES] RoomsForRockets Sale Release Annoucement!

A topic by Rooms4Rockets created Jan 02, 2017 Views: 144 Replies: 3
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Hi. Get 3 games for 0.52p - would be two pound odd -

RoomsForRockets is a 3 man indie developer. We've worked hard on this game - we've all been taking time out of our actual jobs to develop this - the dream is to MAKE this our ACTUAL jobs. With your purchase, this make become a reality sometime in the not-so distant future.

A Shawn Story is similar to the stanely parable in narrative but has a 2D pixelated art style.

Please purchase - its not on sale for long!!



Hello, This board is for posting recently released games on You should have a link to a game you're releasing is this post or I'll have to close your topic. Please check the rules for more information. Thanks

And here's the golden rule:

Please be courteous of the time of those who will read your post. Release posts that show little to no effort, or are just links, will be locked and removed. Think of this place as a way to build a relationship with a new audience, not just a place to dump links.

I thought this might be a problem, why don't you have a sales and promotion forum? I'll update it one sec

Updated the post.