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Future Updates

A topic by MereGamer created Jan 02, 2017 Views: 2,172 Replies: 7
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i suggest to update the game in big patchs because in all that time we can make big rafts more things a test the game more

put your ideas above


developers can you put on this topic what are you goin to put on next updates (sorry for mi inglish is because i am spanish)


There are only 3 developers working on this. Only one of them is a programmer. Big patches would take MUCH LONGER to develop thus the time between each patch would be long (a month or more, which is not good).

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you have reason

but they have to do something whit the maps because i dont want to restart every time they update the game

I hope there will be in the future a update that we can play multiplayer

is there a form to download older versions


DEVELOPERS take your time don't take all this tips if you don't want to update the game when you want >.<

i suggest that you add more to the game such as islands,tribes on the islands, new weapons and new items and add a storyline to it like all that stuff was from a giant ship explosion and you can find your crew mates on the island and stuff like that tht would give a big improvement to the game and i know because im a student and most of my classmates play this game then they get bored of it cause there is really nothing to do other that build build build and im sorry but that gets boring.