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A topic by Redbeet Interactive created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 158,219 Replies: 2,649
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New Items/bots

  • Birds
    • feathers
    • eggs
    • Bird Meat
    • Bird Poop
  • Darts
    • Upgraded Darts
  • Blow Gun
  • Arrows
    • Metal Arrows
  • Bow
  • Dummy
  • Target
  • Fish Nets
  • Rod Holders for rods (trolling fishing)
  • Different Fish
  • Krill
  • Spikes
    • Reenforced Spikes
  • Wall
    • Reenforced Wall
  • Torches
  • Bait stand
  • Harpoon
    • Upgraded Harpoon
  • Whales
    • Whale fat
      • Oil
    • Whale Meat
    • Whale Bones
  • Larger Farming Plot
  • Irrigation
  • Reservoir
  • Hoppers
  • Barrels
  • Beer
  • Rum
  • Suger Cane
  • Carrots
  • Wheat
  • Doors
  • Fences
  • Bed
  • Hearth
  • Oven
  • Bread
  • Forge
  • Upgraded Pillar
  • Upgraded Hammer
  • Auto Water Station
  • Dredge
  • Saw
  • Mill
  • Glass
  • Green House
  • Windows
  • Pots
  • Jugs
  • Banna Tree
    • Banana
  • Mango Tree
    • Mango
  • Tropical flower
  • Chisel
  • Statue


What if after you grow a tree it starts to attract birds you can catch them with nets and store them in cages this would allow you to carvers Eggs and Feathers Or kill them for Meat and feathers. Eggs and meat can be used to eat or the meat can be used as Bait ... will return to this idea**. Feathers can be crafted with wood to make darts or with wood and metal to make arrows ( arrows and bow could be used to "hunt" birds in the sky or shoot at shark darts could be used in a blow gun for a simmaler purpose alternitively you could construct dummies and targets for fun.

The Hunt

Once your raft reaches a certain size it becomes easier to just fix damage to your raft than to fight the shark on a 3 strike basis. So to keep the fight alive the hunter could become the hunter. you can active this through trapping defences and hunting. let me break that down.

  • Trapping - Like the nets that you deploy to catch the debris you could make nets that go deeper that catch fish and krill (Fish edible - Krill Bait ) you could upgrade your fishing rod with "bait" to catch bigger fish and install the rod in a trolly system on the edge of the raft to catch said Big fish.
  • Defences - This is one that I think a lot of people would love as I said earlier at some point it becomes easier to fix your raft than fight the shark because of this it might be nice to be able to build defences rather than "Repair" your raft this will allow you to shift your focus to resource management. Some ideas for defences would be. Spikes, torches on the edge or reenforced walls
  • Hunting - Once the thrill of being hunted by the shark has wore off it might be fun to hunt the shark you could introduce a "BaitStand" that looks like gallos that hangs over the water and you could add bait *dead bird. once bait is added and stand is set up sharks start to spawn and attack the bait. (enter Item: Harpoon) Once you land 3 skill shots with harpoon you can pull the shark along side the raft and harvest for meat. ........... Additional Idea Whales using the same system as explain above change the bait for *krill and you attract whales hunt them as explained above and harvest "Whale Oil" from the Dead Whale (alternatively you could harvest whale fat and refine it in the water purifier for whale oil


There is a Huge potential for growth automation and resource management. I love the potato farm and beat farm idea and i think this could be expanded upon through larger patches and irrigation you could build a reservoir and have pipes that drip water to the crops. Also in food you could have hoppers where you put your potatoes and make vodka or introduce Sugar cane and make rum (rum might be more location accurate). Doors would be great as well as the ability to stack column with out having floors between. Fences and or walls. BEDS to sleep through the night. Hearths for athletics and to cook on. Ovens!!! these could be used for potatoes and eggs and Bread. ... Forge made from just a tun of mental. burn wood with metal to melt it down for upgraded EVERYTHING. let me expand on that for you upgraded spear ( 2 hits instead of 3 ) upgraded Harpoon (2 Hits Instead of 3) Reenforced walls and spikes for defence that do not get destroyed from repeated attacks. Bigger chests. Solid walls ( not thatched ). reenforced pillars ( 5x5 support instead for 3x3 ).

UPGRADED HAMMER ( I will refer back to the tech tree later ) with UPGRADED HAMMER you can build more adoptions into your raft such as a self purifying water station this puts a hole in the floor of your raft and rejects light down onto the water with a shiny peace of metal the water gets heated and condensates like before but instead of going into a cup like before can fill a (previously mentioned) reservoir. than used for crops or consumption. you could be able to craft components for a saw mill and a saw ( saw to cut down whole trees that take up a whole spot in your inventory and then you put said logs in the mill that processed for thatch and wood as well as pulp ). New tools (Chisel) for making decorations like statues of you and the shark. and a dredge for getting clay ( dredge could be a wood troff with metal weights on rope that you lower down into water and after a minute pull back up full of sand and clay). The clay than can be fired in the oven to make planters and large water jugs as well as Bricks and ordainments. Sand could be fired for Glass for building a green house and windows. (green house could be used to process bird poop for rare seeds that grow into banana trees and mango trees as well as flowers for the planters you made from clay). all nominating in the final frontier of scuba exploration through the construction of either a crude sub or a breathing apprentice.

Tech Tree

I do NOT think a tech tree is the right fit for this game but rather a graduated crafting system where building one thing inherently lets you build another as I have explain above finally building a forge allowing you to build a upgraded hammer then allowing you to build a whole new set of items this could double of not triple game Play time.

Will multiplayer be implemented later into the game? Also i believe this game should be worth $5-10 when you plan to sell it to the public.

Perhaps in the future when the game gets a bit more advanced you could add a gravity system to the raft, where if you build a couple of trees on the edge of the raft it could capsize.and if you continuously add more and more weight in the center without having the size to support it, the raft would start to sink. and in addition perhaps more refined resources and advanced structures could be added and more advanced stations to produce and refine the resources, perhaps a mulcher to turn excess biological matter (rotting food, fish meat, fruit, plant parts, etc) into fertilizer to keep growing more plants so that you have to put more effort into farming than just "build pot, click seeds on it, profit"

and with the idea of refined resources, perhaps cotton could be added and a weaving station to turn it into cloth which could be used to construct ballasts to hold up your raft and provide more buoyancy letting you put more things on your raft. defenses to protect your raft and advanced structures from additional threats. a soil fertility system where certain plants need certain fertility levels to survive. and each plant harvested removes fertility.

More enemies and disasters, perhaps even include mythical sea monsters in the future. such as fish people that invade your raft. pirate raids, a disaster where temporarily there will be a big pack of sharks around your raft, about 25 - 30 that will leave after a few days but if a higher difficulty is picked there is a chance some of them would stay behind permanently until killed. Typhoons and hurricanes that toss things about, rip your raft apart, and if set to a higher difficulty. even pull the player off the raft and into the ocean.

More weapons and reinforcement options to deal with these disasters. perhaps a way to harvest sulfur and nitre from rotting meat, and charcoal from fires in order to forge archaic gunpowder weaponry that must be unequipped before entering the water or else it will be ruined and can't be used for several days straight for the water to dry. crossbows and metal reinforcement options that increase weight and armor. and ways to armor yourself

A food spoilage system that doesn't just ruin your food and is actually required to get certain items and equipment. and ways to preserve food for storage such as salting, smoking. and turning it into pemmican (essentially balls of smoked dried meat, melted fat, and sometimes dried fruit).

Rare shipwrecks that can float by your raft that you can get important equipment and items from.. and an expensive way to tie them to your raft so you can thoroughly harvest everything they have to offer. such as irreplaceable mechanical items and equipment like dive suits. proper guns that get permanently ruined in water oxygen tanks, harpoons and harpoon guns. possibly wiring and diesel engines as a way to generate power for your raft that are very heavy and get ruined permanently when they get flooded because the raft sunk, or because they were not given proper shelter during a storm and where ruined that way. saw, blow torches, and advanced tools that are required to properly disassemble diesel engines in order to use the parts to repair other ones and hook up wiring throughout your raft. plastics that you can use to storm proof rooms. and when you are finally done with the boat you have tied to your raft. harvest all the delicious metal with a saw or torch. or else it must be let go.

Threats and traps that make shipwrecks chancey encounters rather than floating resource piles. (something had to take away the people) such as mermen (fish people) that have lain a nest on them. rat and carnivorous crab infestations. that can either overpower you and ruin your life on the raft and devour every scrap of food on board. the crew of the vessel that ran out of food, went insane, and turned cannibalistic. exposed wiring and jagged shards of metal that can hurt and kill you that you must either wait to run out of power, cut away, or find a way around to capture the valuable fuel that is powering the wiring.

And last, but not least. Quality of life improvements, plenty of bug fixes, better AI, and even possibly graphical improvements.

please make stuff you collect go into the inventory not imidietly into the hotkey bar maybe add a lure to a shark(fish meat and planks to make) toa ttract the shark so you can kill him

I was wondering if it was at all possible to make this game available to more mobile devices, because I would really like to play but dont have a laptop.

As someone who has played, I gotta tell you that this would not transition well to a phone. There is a lot to pay attention to and do at once. I don't think it'd make for a very fun experience.

can you make a easy mode? there are way too many attacks on the first day and you foget to explore all the features. it is a nice idea,but i can not get a base started. whenever i try it gets eaten by the shark. if you could make an NO SHARK setteing, it would be a more exploration type game,unless it's not meant to be that way.

There isn't any exploration to be done. Currently, the point is to defend your raft from the shark. Not having the shark would make it exceptionally boring (people are already complaining about it being boring :/ ) and there would be no challenge.

Use your hook to get as much wood and scrap as you can, and make a spear, first. Then make your nets.

I do agree, though, that the shark is quite obnoxious at times. I saw someone post something about anti-shark spikes to put on the edges, which I like. I hope the creator incorporates something like that. A while back, I suggested temporary islands, which I also really hope the implement. Everyone seems to want an island, but nobody is suggesting how to avoid it becoming an island survival (except me lul)


If you implement a food rotting system maybe think about a compost barrel that way there is a need for compost put in pots for planting. It can be a required item to build said plots. I love the plots but it would explain where the dirt comes from in game.

Either that or add compost to dirt and yeild twice as much food.


Maybe a sort of "story" where to receive periodic letters in bottles from the ocean? they could arrive in random order and would have to be collected and pieced together to figure the whole story?

this would be a big thing but maybe a way to dive deeper into the ocean? you would have to worry about the shark but could also get cool things like stone from the sea bed or go spear hunting for wild fish in reefs?


Hello, I am Kolby from the FellowGamersStudios.

I saw this game and realized the immense potential in a matter of minutes of playing the game. It provided a task, antagonist, and an almost 100% sandbox realm to enjoy. I recently added some suggestions, one of which was added. (Yeah, it was chests. How in the world did you guess?) Anyways, I would like to give some heads up on the development progress and some personal things that would be fun to see in the game.

1: Improved sky.

Your sky is amazing, it gives a feeling of comfort as you battle a shark and a feeling of wonder and bewilderment as you watch the moon pass over. However, the reflection of the moon and sun when either rises can be easily made better. Currently, it is only showing where the light originates, which is from one point. How you could make it better is have the full-scale moon and sun reflect across the water. Not only that, but your sunrays are very nice looking, but if you look through a slit in, say, a wall or stair, it produces unwanted rays that tend to make it look a little overbearing. To fix this you could make the rays disappear as they enter a certain linear point towards the camera.

2: Full graphical optimization/customization.

One more thing you could do is increase the amount of changeable items in the options GUI. Such things may include: SunRays. Water Quality (already existing), Shadow quality, RayTracing. Those are just some.

3: Explorative arena.

As the game goes on, you get to a point where you have made the biggest raft, defeated the shark many times, and have virtually an infinite amount of resources. Afterwards, you make a new save file and start over again. It would be wise to make a sort of end-goal, or somewhere that you see when you start the game, but must work your way towards. Possibly an inhabited island.

These are just 3 suggestions, and they are all simply gameplay and graphical-wise. Personally, I love the game, and have so many ideas on how you could develop it. But I'm not the developer! Can't wait to see what comes next!


Kolby Spring, FellowGamersStudios.

The best idea will be to optimize the game(set,play) so that we can play even if we possess a bad configuration pc (roughly that we possess a pc badly configured to play in video games)


Performance / Framerate / Update:

- Game Optimize Update:

+ Optimize some system so the game could run perfectly

+ System Requirements Instruction

My System:

Windows 7 Ultimate

Hewlett Packard

4.7 Windows Experience Index

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz 2.60 GHz

4GB (3.9 GB Usable)

64Bit Operating System

No Pen Or Touch

Sorry my english guys , ill try to explain my best.. can you guys add something like , whenever the 'materials' are inside the chests you dont need to actually put the "material" inside you inventory to create objects.. is the idea clear ? :) Nice game by the way , im willing to donate something if this can be done :)

Are the devs even active for this game any more..?

They're finishing up on college work. Give them a bit of time.


Here are a couple things that will make raft (i hope) better

No hate, just my opinion


2. maybe weatherchanges/waterchanges (rain, storm, higher water)

3. clothes/armor



6. if you swim in the sea, you can see the fishes

7. add more seacreatures (turtles,dolphins,seals,etc)


9.more food

10.more plantable things (trees, bushes)

11.Train Dolphins to catch fish for you

(1 edit) (+1)

A very good idea is to implement an automatic game update system, every time there are some bug fixes, new things in the game, this system will check and download automatically. (NOTE: This application that is present in the screenshot was the one I did to demonstrate).

Update system like this:


please add gamemode's, like easy and hard.

and remove the shark on easy mode, because its a great game, but the shark is really stressfull

(1 edit) (+1)

Up! But i don't agree to remove shark, it will make the game go nonsense.

Hi. I love the game but there are some things that I think are exaggerated between them that when you die, you must start from the beginning, again in the raft two by two and without any of the achievements. The other is the little space in the trunks to store things which forces you to fill the raft of them to keep things that you can not carry on ... for the rest, I think a great game !!!

(2 edits) (+1)

Please put in the game a bed, or a sleeping, I also know what needs to this:

3 thathces
4 planks

and 6 nails.


Main issue right now? Thatch is waaay too uncommon. Since every bit of rope needs 2 thatch it becomes such a grind of patience waiting for more thatch to show up, and since literally EVERYTHING needs rope, this is a major pain. Wood isnt nearly as bad. Scrap is rare but actually becomes far too plentiful quickly due to how few recipes use it. Lastly make trees a little better ie more wood and thatch. They're rare as balls to find so should feel like it.


Make thatch either more common or 1-1 for rope

Make scrap more useful

Make tree more useful.

(1 edit)

I disagree. I found thatches to be very common but maybe that's because I concentrated on my home/greenhouse-like place than expanding on my raft.

When I was playing on my second save file, I decided to make a huge greenhouse-like place for my coconut trees and food and drink sources. If you make enough tree cropplots (I made about seven), you'll have enough thatch and wood to continue your raft building. But if you don't have enough or any cropplots, you can make a lot of item nets (I made about six) to help you farm those thatches you need. It'll take a while to gather the thatches you need but it'll help if you build something else while waiting. In time, you'll gather a lot of thatches this way.

maybe ad some way to keep the shark away like spikes, and a bed to skip the night would be nice. the objects like coconuts are really hard to catch and if they fall into the water they just sink, if you made them float it wouldn't be so hard to grab them. stacks of items are to small and my inventory fills up to fast if you made them like 50 it would be more manageable. i really love the game and think if the future its going to be amazing. thanks Nick


Add a feature to continue to the next version without having your saves deleted.

I don't think dying should be permanent - I just spent a good 8 hours in-game, saved, got eaten by a shark to see what would happen, then found my entire save was no longer accessible. I'm very sad :( But I'm loving the game so far! Could permadeath be an option, rather than the standard? Thanks!

Deleted 3 years ago

They said the save file is in Appdata/locallow/raft/raft/gamesaves

I Tried removing dead from the file name. It works!

This game is a little weak...Because have no story and no logic...
What can we find or explore? Absolutely nothing... because just have ocean and a platform to create a limited house.
In my opinion this game need a Extreme update with a story... with new items... with more to explore.... a boat to go everywhere and find something....

Any one gets over the game easily.

watching survival games like... ARK or H!Z1... they have a story and have a propose...You can build and empire and fight with others... "PVP"...

This is my ideia.. :D


I don't know if this was suggested before, sorry if it was, but it would be really nice having a volleyball as your companion in your adventure, you could find it in a barrel or maybe you could start with it? I guess that's up to you lads, but I'm sure a lot of people would love having a friend in the raft with you even if he doesn't give you any bonuses.


1. Multiplayer

2. More fishes like: Squid & eel.

3. More weapons like: Sword, Bow & Knife


(1 edit) (+1)

The option to decide which material you use to make walls; wood, thatch, leather (for when/if skinning comes along).

A 'door' that can either be an opening/closing door or just a thatch or leather drape that can be walked through.

Thatch or leather rugs for floors. AKA something to drop on top of the 'ceiling' floor tiles to reinforce against any potential rain that may be implemented or just for decoration.

Saving or making new barrels to collect water from any potential rain.

Painting! Green stain could be made from the thatch and red from the beets, so just add a few more colorful things to extract painting/staining materials from and allow basic color mixing so the brown can be broken up with pretty colors. :)


Hello and congratulations for this great game! :)

Some ideas and suggestions:

-Saved Games:
When dying (which isn´t common atm *smirk*), don´t let us start at the worlds first beginning. Many work for hours are gone. If the game has more dangerous parts (such as diving for treasure, swimming for rescue an animal/person/something not grabable with hook) and you fail, you can continue from your last savegame.

Therefor shark makes more damage and/or researching of new items/animals by touching/eating bc of poison or prickles like ...
-sea urchin
-sea serpent

-New Items:
-(built) "salt-evaporator" (maybe an addon to water purifier)
-Salt can be used to conservate your meal if decay comes into play or just for better taste plus gives more energy. Multiple abilites, if research and/or disease joins the game.
-glass, ...
-plastic and other stuff from pollution (by finding them you get new blueprints), but graduate them into common, uncommon and rare items.
Keep in mind, that supporting environment is a good and necessary matter and additionally for good reputation.
Maybe our rafts switch to the biggest oceancleaner world has seen.
-Ooze (earth for trees, color for paint wood, ...)
-(built) "Ooze-catcher"
-Eggs (cooking, getting animals)
-grains and seeds (food for animals, planting)
-some sort of fabric (carpet, blanket if its getting cold and coldness makes damage to your health)
-Algae (food, paint, making paper, wallpaper)
-bones and gristle (for building, deco or go shaman ways *smirk*)
-hair (30hair+1thatch+1wood=brush)
-(built) Rake (for treating the earth after harvesting rare trees)
-(built) brush (painting, cooking)
-flowers (healing, cooking, flavour)

-unknown items for identification, additionally ...
-funny recordings/videos when researching new stuff, for instance cooking some unknown stuff (mushrooms) or drinking from a found bottle (Alkohol). While beeing poisened, you are talking with the shark lying next to you on a beachchair holding a Cocktail.

Kind regards!

Great ideas

it is too slow even in the lowest quality the best frame rate is 4fps


Hi Raft Developer ! I have some ideas for you :

  • In the future version, if you can add an possibility to choose the type of the shark (like an Megalodon or more!)
  • Item : Feather, Ink Sac
  • Craft : Paper and Writing Paper
  • Item : Quest Book (The player can write quests like "Craft 15 Ropes" and when is done, he gives items)
  • Add the possibility to seat in the chair
  • Item : Backpack
  • A bed to skip days
  • Item : Gunpowder
  • An improvised gun
  • Improvised Bullet

You Need to Bring out the new update 1.05 for mac because me and my friends are always playing it but its getting old on mac with the basic stuff so please i beg you bring it out for mac

:) Love the game

The rhythm of the game is too fast, often busy drinking water and eating, the items bar need to optimize, drag or take things is not very smooth, especially when the thirsty death, to the items column to get water. The mechanism of the shark is not very good, because it is always there, will not sometimes have, sometimes not. Perhaps should add some, raft defense mechanism. Need the mechanism of fatigue, need to sleep. To the end of the game most of the time in the busy production of rafts, but obviously the game mechanism can not let me peace of mind.

If you can please add the online mechanism, LAN connection or WAN connection, but this is based on how much the game content. But it really can reduce the game pressure. Finally, if you can log the steam platform that is better, if there is an online mechanism, then I am likely to buy this game.


Super simple i know but can we get signs to stick onto stuff? As a Youtuber playing the game I love bringing my viewers on in my survival story! being able to name buildings and such would make it 100x more epic.

Tis my only real want TBH. You guys are awesome!


Game going quite well. Few suggestions or ideas are:

  1. To make an olden day scuba diving gear ( out of scrap metal and other things ) ,snorkel or even goggles. So then you can add a whole of other things when diving and going under the water. Example you could collect sand from the bottom and use it to make glass, catch crabs explore ship wrecks etc.
  2. Maybe another weapon that you could use to shoot something as well like a sling shot or a simple bow.
  3. Create a backpack to hold more stuff.
  4. Make a furnace or smelter to melt sand as well as the metal scrap.
Otherwise keep going, very good idea. Enjoying the game!

Plz Add Version 1.05 For MAC!! PLZ!!!

Make 1.05 playable on mac


add multyplayer or at least co-op that would be so much fun

Can you add laptop mode? Becouse i have old laptop and i have MAX 28fps in game at minimal
I love raft i watching this at youtube and i must play that but i have old laptop :\
Pleaseee ad old laptop modee

Sory for my english but i from poland


plz add multiplayer!

me and my m8s love this game and they said they would actually pay for it if there would be multiplayer.

Pz take that in mind


You should a reachable island eventually you should also add rain/thunder/cloudy days also can you try to make it so that there are more items ingame eg boat(to move to different areas make more rafts) metal housing(using the scrap has more durability) and make the area or the water have like a reaf and u can do spear fishing and setup fish traps. Thanks for your time hope to see this in the game I also understand your time is taken up alot so updates wont be coming soon bye.☺

I need new sharks food fish supplys sandboxmode please PLEASE SANDBOX MODE I LOVE BEING CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


V 1.05 For MAC!!!! PLZ!!

(1 edit) (+2)

You should add the ability to steer the raft with and oar or something. Then you should add an Island/Islands. But the resources on the Island/Islands shouldn't be renewable so when the resources run out you have to build a raft again and go back into the water. You should also make something that will allow you to communicate with the outside world, but it should be extremely hard to craft/obtain.


There should be a tutorial at the start :P

you could add Islands (without people) with animals you can breed?

Like pigs or cows.

Love this game :-)

(2 edits)

is the game dead? for about 3 months there weren't any info


I like this game A LOT so far. I would love it to go wacky places, but always staying on your raft (that's a big part of the charm for me). Maybe start a coconut company (Coconuts by mail is the next big thing!). You'll need a lot of produce, but eventually you could become a giant corporation! Declare the raft a sovereign nation, and go to war with enemy navies? Raft gets a rocket upgrade and goes to space?! Anything is possible, I love the beginning and the mechanics, just add some higher level crafting stuff (and higher-level stuff on top of that) and you're gold!

Keep up the great work, or work on whatever you want next if you think you're done. Thanks for what you've made so far, I really enjoyed it for a couple hours!

Haha yes that would be more like a mod for trading / setup businesses and an other one for battles / war.

Hi guys, I would like to ask you a few questions about the development of your game. I've seen it developed in Unity, would you help me with a very specific question? I would like to do it by mail so as not to spoil your game. Thank you


What an awesome game!! There's so many replies to dig through - so I'm guessing most of my suggestions would already have been said somewhere in the gigantic pile, I tried going through a reasonable number so apologies if this is just a repeat.

I love the idea, and without adding too many intricacies, some ideas for the future might be:

1. Setting up a basic background - like some small green islands on the horizon, perhaps only parallel to your journey direction so you're not travelling to somewhere per say. Whether it's continuous hill shapes, or the odd bare sea to make it 'look' like your travelling is up to you (unless the idea is that you're in the middle of the ocean with absolutely NO land in sight). In which case never mind!

2. Along with that basic background, if you're into that kind of thing, could be setting up weather climates. Such that desert looking islands (yellowish in the distance) may give incentive to create a roof to your raft to shelter you from the sun or you lose water much too quickly without it. And whiteish land in the distance could mean ice/snow, so important to not be too far away from a 'heat source' like a torch/food cooker that kinda thing, or else you may lose hunger too quickly.

I guess along with that you could introduce different types of materials found in said climates. i guess it just adds a bit of variation to it all, like different fish or even using seals instead of sharks or ice covered barrels etc.

3. Multiplayer was awesome! Being able to share chests and such in the future would be amazing, and brings a bit of an added challenge when sharing the food cookers and such.

4. Beds or sleeping through the night would be neat, I guess it may fit in more if there was more consequences at night like more shark attacks etc. Day/Night cycles are excellent though!

5. Would be great to perhaps slightly increase the range/distance certain items appear. Such as making rarer items appear and last longer on screen giving the player incentive to build their way out there to collect it, whether on temporary cheap platforms (break after a day/night cycle for example) or on regular ones.

6. Ranged weapons could be thought about if there's the ideas of adding in more enemies that might attack at different times and do more than just eating one piece of the wooden platform (like shaking the raft and perhaps losing a few platforms in random places such that centrally placed items aren't 100% safe). Just motivates the player to want to get rid of the sharks rather than just letting them eat the outside pieces and not really caring too much when you have 50 around you.

Anyway, maybe a bit too much there, I'm sure it's all been mentioned before, but I really enjoyed it. I greatly look forward to seeing where it goes and contributing to it where I can.

All the best to your team!!


Noobs got 8 core 3.5ghz with macho grande and 2 titan x

(1 edit) (+2)

Add ladders please.

Furniture crafting idea: Fish tank. I'd love to see swimming, friendly ocean fish in my raft home.

The crafting recipe could be something like: Wood + Nails + Glass (found as washed up debris).

Then fish for a live fish (with the fishing rod) and place the fish in the tank. Watch them swim around.

(1 edit) (+1)

different types of npcs that do jobs for you including chop and replant trees farm cook


also make the npcs collect from the item nets anf put them in a chest

Can you Update mac Version Please?

i think it would be cool if there were storms or other kind of events that would either destroy part of your base or something like that along with something to help resist those events. if not that just add something to make it more challenging.

another thing is you could add a random chance of some kind of big sea creature would come and attack your raft

that would be cool



-new waepons and tools

-new gamemodes



-flare gun and a way to escape


the game is called raft for a reason :D

(1 edit)

Can you make it possible to put walls on the same foundation as the stairs? P.S.:Thx Google trad.

I agree

(1 edit)

How about adding an anchor, that requires a good amount of resources to craft, with which you can use to pull some more valuable things from the ocean floor? (Potentially some items of higher value than that which is currently floating about)

et si on mettait des pancartes dans le jeu, y ajouté le multi. Ça attirerait plus de gens

This is a great idea but some sort of instructions screen would be a good idea that way it's a little easier to grasp.

i would like the game to run better on my pc :D

2Ram 2.60ghz thats all i can say :D

it runs at 20fps on lowest settings :/

but still llove the game ^^


Perhaps more variety in furniture?  Maybe a stockpile sort of thing that can store more of a specific resource (I.e., it can ONLY store wood OR metal OR plastic, etc. but it stores more than a chest can hold). The other furniture that is almost a must have is lamps that can attach to pillars and not need to sit on the ground.  Speaking of furniture, maybe the ability to sit in the chairs and perhaps fish while sitting? That would really fit the theme.   :-)

Relating to the earlier topic of food variety and fruit trees, you could implement a 'deep pot' for things like fruit trees (it takes up more space, but you can plant a fruit tree in it). The fruit trees should also take MUCH longer to grow than the palm trees, but should also probably be regularly harvestable for fruit. (Suggested fruit: oranges, lemons, grapefruit).

Furthering the subject of food, you could introduce spoilage of cooked food (and the ability to prevent spoilage? Dehydration/salting for early-tier, canning for advanced?). I do also agree that there should be more than five kinds of things to eat   :-P

For animals, I saw the idea for a fishtank earlier in the forum, perhaps be able to catch two live fish and let them breed for food? It would probably be something that's pretty advanced, requiring you to use the furnace to make glass panes or somesuch. It would also be semi-feasible to rescue a chicken at some point and have to build it a nest box (planks, nails, thatch) and feed it so it gives you eggs. (IRL layer chickens give about one per day during the up season and one every two or three days when the days are shorter). (Also IRL stuff about chickens: they are NOT herbivores. Seriously, they'll try and often succeed eating anything. Feeding them fish is entirely feasible. IRL nest boxes do need their straw, or in the game's case thatch, changed out regularly.) This kind of thing could also be applied to pigeons, which are prooooobably more likely to be encountered on the open ocean. ;-)

Dolphins would be cool, though impractical, I imagine. /shrug

A daily/bidaily autosave would be nice. 

I love all of your ideas. Also is that a chicken in your profile picture? 

P.S. I love chickens *Live chickens*


Yes, her name is Thing and she likes to be cuddled. She's a Dominique, which tend to be fairly cuddly as chicken breeds go.


Thats it.

I'm getting a chicken.


mabbey when you make the reefs make it so you can see fish swimming around and not just the same fish as always. new fish/food?



I worked very hard on this, up this if you want something in here implemented in the game and please feel free to elaborate on my ideas, as I did with some others! Suggested idea elaboration is at the bottom where it says "Other Advice or Vague Ideas:".

Also, I have added a cons section to each of my created\elaborated ideas so you can better use my advice.

Ropes, Bridges, Reinforcements, and Stress.

To connect separate rafts you can build. This can give the user a more community like feel with a raft for cooking, catching food, house, and collecting items. You can travel between raft segments by small bridges. Cons: This idea may take away the feeling of loneliness and survival feel you have created thus far. My advice, create a limiting factor preventing the building of massive rafts\raft segments.  Create stress between connecting ropes and just floor tiles in general, at a certain point, have the player create reinforcements to prevent the destruction or division of a raft/raft segment(s).  

Fish net, Bait, Fish, and Expiration.

This idea was copied, but I will elaborate on the idea. Fish nets require bate to lure fish - they cant just wonder in there! Bait is either grown from a seed gathered from small Islandsor crafted from other fish (You may change where they are found or made, I just gave you an idea). You can add three types of catch able fish with the net; Carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. Herbivores are captured from placing only the grown bait in the fish net, carnivores are captured by placing meat bait in the net, and omnivores, both types. Obviously, omnivores would have to provide the most nutrients. Cons: Adding these fish may affect the difficulty of survival. My advice, create bate that are difficult to make, make said fish rare to catch, or lower their nutrition values. 

Islands and Grappling Hooks.

Immediately, you may think "That will totally and completely ruin the vibe and strategy of the game!", allow me to explain. As the player is floating happily across the ocean,  he may come across a small island, like really small-You will know how big or small you can or will (Please!) make them, to balance the game. On the islands, there can be food, rare resources for interesting items, whatever. You're the developer, i'm the humble person giving the great ideas! However, getting there is a bit more difficult. The player's raft on its natural course will completely miss the island. The player must create a grappling hook or a grounded, harpoon like gun - attached to the raft of course - to pull towards the small island. As mentioned before,  the player will have to place a tremendous amount of structural support to the raft, preventing the separation of it. To refine my idea, or make it work, you can make it so that the raft can only be so big, for the grappling hook to work. Also, while the raft is being held by the gun's rope from the island, the rope will slowly break, forcing the player to leave soon after arrival. Cons: my idea here was very raw and quick-whipped. My advice, no. I strongly insist you elaborate on this idea. If I continue, I enter into a zone that is of very specific details, of which must be thought out by the developer, if he wishes to impalement this idea.

Other Advice or Vague Ideas:

You must add better textures to take away the feel of "A shitty game." (Sorry, I'm getting a bit tired. That was a joke too. Hah Hah...)

Consider adding more limiting factors such as: Happiness, temperature (Copied), Stress of structures, or fertilizer for crops. 

More crop items.

I highly suggest you create a better multiplayer version of the game. I thing it will gain much more popularity that way.   

As I said before about raft segments, in multiplayer all players can spawn on different rafts, and in single player you can split rafts, and catch up with them later on.

If you add catching up with separated rafts, add a way to slow down, speed up, and a map to know what is around you. if you are next to a separate raft or ship, or island or whatever, use the grappling hook to join up with your pal or whatever.

About me:

Hey ya'll! I'm 13 and in 7th grade, ummm I play violin which is fun, i also take art lessons! Oh! My name is Justin! This, just in, a weird kid - as he calls himself - "Justin", was last seen spending hours on his computer, writing a dumb comment.  

Note to developer:

I see major potential in your game, that's why I spent a lot of time making this comment of organized ideas for you. Whatever you are doing with the game though, I trust you with it, because you made it really well so far!

Ps. When you add this game to steam, please don't make it too expensive!

Another Ps.

If you mention my name or anything like that in the game, YOU WILL MAKE MY LIFE! Why do you think I spent all this time and effort making this for you? But its fine if you don't. (No, not really.) Nah, it fine. (No, shut up me.)


No, I am not schizophrenic. 

"Shut up! Leave me alone!"

Jacksepticeye, 2016 or something like that, I don't care.

Sorry the ending section is crappy, I got tired, now I feel like this is a school assignment. Ugh. 

I just need to hit that "Post" button now. Ok, I will. Peace out!


I love all of your ideas. 

P.S. I'm Ben and I am 14 and I am in 8th grade. Ben was last seen writing a lame comment and abandoning his D and D club. XD


These are all brilliant ideas but you have to remember their is only one programmer in the team and adding extremely complex physics like the separation of boats is extremely hard. The grappling idea was very nice but another way to balance it out would be for the rock it is connected to start to break so the player will have a limited time.

Darn! Forgot to mention that I think that game hits a brick wall at some point. At a point of experience and progress, the game becomes very boring. There are no new things to build, you have a surplus of food,  and the shark does not scare you any more. If you find a solution to these problems, or the overall problem, than you will attract people for longer. I highly suggest this.

Deleted 2 years ago

No it's not, just see the devblog on their links page. Gosh is it that hard to do some research?

Yeah, come on!


Will you make multiplayer mode 

please do it cause its will so exciting to play with friends and survive with them 

like make a server and put a password and only friends can join and survive together

its really will be so cooooooll !!!

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This is an amazing game in the making. Simple, addicting, and fun like original minecraft. My suggestion is to keep it that way add doors, ways to light the fire on water purifier and the fire, tools, weather, and so on. But don't take after minecraft don't add a bunch of dumb stuff that ruins the game.  Good work to the developers great game already i hope it succeeds like minecraft and makes its way onto steam! Good luck and good job to everyone!

I got to a point in the game where I was just surviving easily off coconuts beetroots and water and the wood and leaves came from the trees I planted. I became incredibly easy and boring. I think It needs to be more challenging with waves/storms perhaps for example. Just other things that can exhaust your resources and damage the boat. The sharks are also quite easy to fend off. If it was multilayer you could raid other rafts for example. Also there aren't many items. Once you've built everything it becomes quite boring. The chair and table seem pointless. There should be more functional items I think. Also for example if your boat could sink you could have a lifeboat. There could be a bed or many other things which could be used. Maybe the ability to make clothing 

Oh also I think if you could upgrade things that would be great! See it would be really interesting if you could survive with friends but then you could build weapons on the raft to attack other rafts for example. Also I do think the shark thing would work better if you had like perhaps sometimes more than one! Then you could feed your captures to the sharks haha. If there were different amount of sharks also it would be less predictable and perhaps if you fed the shark it could leave you alone for longer for example.

You could use this game to raise awareness of global warming by like putting plastic bags or dead turtles with water bottles in their mouths or you could have events. An event could be a nuke dropping and clouding the air with ash or something. You could also do a temperature thing so every year you play, the temperature and the ocean rise. Also seasons would be a cool idea.

some sort of hopper to put items into chests

Add more resources like iron like you have a %5 chance of getting iron from barrels and add an anvil for you to do ironing like making tools and armor and add sticks to make tools :) im cool if you add the update 1.06!

Add more resources like iron like you have a %5 chance of getting iron from barrels and add an anvil for you to do ironing like making tools and armor and add sticks to make tools :) i'm cool if you add the update 1.06!


The game has features morning and evening time so update more small islands with new resources there. The boat of the player may randomly go to the islands. Of course, when the sun goes down and the island sinks, the player must return to the boat before sunset.

add some pirate ship and your team

I like the game and difficulty is there any way to have a rescue option? here is my playthrough 


Dope game but played about 2hrs and i have everything unlimted food and leafs like i could build i bigger raft but mines 3 high and about 20 by 20 i tried building a bridge out to see if i can get land there aint land so dont try it

we need it harder to get food and wood also up the scarp metal ibit took so long to get a chest and more things to craft

This game would be great multiplayer.

Yes! That's a great idea.


It would be really cool if you could go underwater and get sources and more stuff. Also it will be really helpful to have something to distract the shark, with rawfish or something.

Please add sea monsters, and coop mode. Caft add extra bed, and can build more without crashing the game.

I wanted to suggest that death does not destroy the save. I really don't like that I have to start all over after death. Having to start all over from the beginning is not fun and a huge piss off IMO.

Also wanted to suggest recipes and a trap for sharks so they can't swim away.


The game looks great, but I have two younger children who love to build stuff in games, but I don't want them to be gutting a bloody shark. Would it be possible to have a option to turn off the gore?


Have an option to enable auto build materials. 

I'm getting tired of turning thatch into rope then into the object I want.

I want the thatch to be instantly be changed into rope when I craft the object. Instead of going through my inventory and trying to clean up the uncrafted thatch.

It's an amazing immersive game, but after an hour or two, you want to be able to move on, do more.  It makes it get boring after that.  Maybe add the possibility to sail the raft, and explore islands?

Zdrastvujte, I would like that you optimize the game, as umenya not the most powerful computer, but not the weakest, but hangs all the way. You can add more fences, steal, a boat, more food, a wood fundanite with sharp needles so that the oculus can not break it. You can also add a few islands 1-3, that would be possible to float on them to boats, to collect resources kotyh no in the ocean. For example, poluchaetsya somehow it is not logical, metal can not swim on the water! Then how can you pick up the land on the water ?, and on the islands you can find both metal and earth, as well as debris from a cartilage or from an airplane! See)

i would like to be able to make the raft out of scrap metal 

small islands  boats   Bow and arrrows  more animals  crashed plane in the distance BEDS co-op


sharks with ak-47s and gernades and a golden gun


goldfishes  with nukes


don't judge me


ok no gold fish or op sharks

Can you make it so we can play the newest version on mac?

i would like to have an option to kill the shark (like a harpune or something), but also that after 10 minutes or so another shark will spawn. this way you can have some peaceful time without constantly repairing your raft...

You can already poke it to death with your spear, and it respawns a bit later.

Can there be a raft build mode, like no shark.

I think everybody wants this. Please add a mechanic that lets you move the things you built.

You could give options to remove shark

all simulators in one site!

I think a really cool idea would be to have a sort of winch to bring up treasure and stuff from the bottom of the sea. Also this is an amazing game. Another idea is to have metal foundations that take tons of metal and wood but they are shark resistant. Another maybe late game or late development would be turrets or something to defend against sharks. Another late game idea is that you can make your base underwater and drain out the water. I think that this game has so much potential and I hope that it will continue to grow. I think that there should be more enemies than just the sharks and more ways to kill them (bows, ect.)

so I have a 1080 graphics card and all the best stuff and recently the game just crashes instantly. 

I also want to suggest that u should ad more Marine life squids fish ex. Ladders for sure, and you should be able to sit in chairs. Maby also technology...


Всем любителям игры рафт  здесь все что было в рафте раньше и скоро здесь будет новый и шикарный рафт и ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА КАНАЛ !!! :)


Всем любителям игры рафт  здесь все что было в рафте раньше и скоро здесь будет новый и шикарный рафт  и ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА КАНАЛ !!! :)


ВСЕМ ПРИВЕТ  и разработчики нас опять порадовали новыми доработками в игре и много еще чем ЗАХОДИТЕ И СМОТРИТЕ И ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА КАНАЛ !!!:)

Please improve the performance.

My PC Spec

Intel Celeron N2830 2.16Ghz

Ram 4gb

Intel HD Graphics (video memory 32mb)

Windows8.1 64bit

Game setting

Graphics: Fastest

resolution 640x400

video setting: All Low

FPS 14~24


a fruit tree maybe?

or some kind of grain

Can Customize our building! (like gameobject.Getcomponent<Renderer>().materials.color = new Color32(R, G, B) or Color.color) ;)

Maybe some, little islands, or wrecks of ships. :)

First of all, fantastic game ! Thanks for that !

But it's quite unplayable without a qwerty keyboard... Could you try to move with the ZQSD keys on a qwerty keyboard ? :D

It would be usefull to be able to select our own controls. 



(2 edits) (+1)

More Things

Add plastic,clay,stone etc...

Foods: Mushroom,salmon,tuna,cod and oil


Able to catch floating plastic bottles and melt them on some kind of apparatus. This would mean that you can make things like shovels and pickaxes.(these will be explained later)


Rags could be found floating in the sea they would need to be dried and stitched to more rags using a needle (explained later) to make clothes.


different temperatures would mean you need several different clothes. Overheating could make you lose water and hunger extremely fast whereas freezing could make you become ill and need medics (explained later)


can be used to cure illness caused by freezing or overheating. It can also be used to cure infections from shark bites. Can be found in barrels or made from herbs and plants.


Clay will be at the seabed and you will be able to collect it with a plastic bucket, it could be used to make bowls for soup and other appliances like barrels/pots of water, flower pots and plates for food. (Plates can be placed on tables and you can sit on chairs)


you could start with for example 10 matches to lite a fire these would then be found in barrels or found floating (they would need to be dried out if floating)

Needles and Pins

can be used for sewing clothes and making things like bedsheets.

Beds and bedsheets

beds can be used to sleep through night.(or day)


herbs can be used to make medicine and can be found in barrels. They could also be used to make food healthier and replenish the food bar more.


Seaweed and asparagus to name a few. They can be eaten if edible or planted in a flower pot.


sand could be gathered from the sea floor using a plastic bucket it could then be melted in a pot and made into windows.


soild could also be gathered from the sea bed and will be uses to fill crop plots instead of it being pre-filled


Stone could be gained  from the sea floor using a plastic pickaxe which would then be used for making things like stronger stone foundations,pillars, floor etc... It could also be used for making other things like mills to crush seeds for oil or pigment.


Can be used for cooking this would mean that the food cooked with oil will fill up thee hunger bar more. It could also be used for other things (if you can think of any other uses)


pigment could be used for painting different objects in the game. It would need to be mixed in a bucket or made with the appropriate apparatus.

Cod, Tuna and Salmon

Just different types of fish with different stats.


Can be found in barrels and can be used to make soup. (This could be added for beat root)


This could be random and could range from a light shower to massive waves

If you got this far:

Thanks for reading!

Holy ship I wish I had the patience to write that much because I have so many things to say but not nearly enough patience to write it lol


Suggestions to add to Raft by my 5 year old - He LOVES Raft!

My 5 year old LOVES Raft and wanted me to let you know what he wants added. He even did some of his first writing on paper to send to you!! :-) (That's his writing on the attached image!)
1. Pirates (may or may not actually attack)
2. Doors (for building with)
3. Dolphins (he wants to see them jumping in the ocean & over the raft)
4. Crabs (to catch and be able to eat)

What he wants to see removed/fixed:
Shark swimming 'through' or 'on' the Raft.

Aww that's sooo cute

1.Haber si lo meten y que sea feliz tu hijo y todos los demás :D, me mola la idea.

i like she ideias only the pirate i dont like (sorry my bad english)


here is some ideas: walls with doors, renderdistance so it wont be so laggy,  rain and mountable chairs 

Hi! update the "demo" with new contents and make a menu in "esc" to send you ideas/bug/etc.   This will make the dev more interactive with consumers :) i love that game and sure will buy


maybe metal reinforced structures that sharks can't bite through because by end game the shark becomes more of a nuisance instead of a real threat and possibly add buoyancy just to make sure that the metal structures aren't op

Wierd question but when i make a spear or an axe i cant attack with it ! What do i do? The shark keeps attacking and i cant kill it.

1. You can't attack the shark with the axe

2. The shark takes a lot of hits to kill

How about a fuel system for cooking stands and water purifiers? Cos it ain't making sense if you can cook indefinitely...

First, I want to say it's a good relaxing game. 

For my idea, maybe you can include the hot and the col in the game, so inclued cloth too.

i hope you will read this comment.

Hey Redbeet, can you make the game have more things to do, more things to build, and things like landmarks or other places or worlds to explore, different types of modes (maybe a shark mode where you play as the shark (may or may not be multiplayer), or a sandbox mode), or MORE CHALENGES. Yes, more challenges. That would be great because once you have a steady food and water supply, the game becomes too easy.

When you kill the shark  add a timer and dont make him instantly spawn it get annoying

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Hi My Name is Richard, And I Would Love To See A Multi Graphic Customization Type Setting To Enable/Disable Features Like particles And Textures Like The Tools In Your Hands Ect. It Would Also Be Cool To Add Stone To The Game When You Have To Go Under The Water To Get For Items Like A Smelting Station To Get ingots For New Tools AndPossibly Armour. 


I suggest doing a new "survival mode" with a bigger shark and call it Jaws. Players will have a harder time playing and they will have more resources, also make it so I can run it in my crappy laptop (Core i5 but not the best graphics card)

make the steam vesion free plz


rly hoping you guys going to add random islands where you can make stops and farm some ressources too would make it rly awesome. i know the game is called raft but you can make a journey like from island to island =p the videos showed only water to me cant imagine you can find all kinda stuff only in water ^^ islands could make that game rly deep with more crafting options and ressources to farm. maybe even tame an ape for your raft^^


I like that this game has options for most of the different systems, however am I on break right now and only really take my Chromebook with me when I'm on break. This would be the perfect game to kill some time when I have some to spend... would there be any way to make this game run on a Chromebook? 


I like that this game has options for most of the different systems, however am I on break right now and only really take my Chromebook with me when I'm on break. This would be the perfect game to kill some time when I have some to spend... would there be any way to make this game run on a Chromebook? 

1.Estaria bien que pusieran olas grandes de vez en cuando que te rompan parte del barco, piratas, mas tipos de paredes y alguna que otra isla :)


There isnt much else to suggest that the first page of this post doesnt already cover but if anything id just like to remind you that YOU are the developers of this amazing game so let the community influence you but not lead you since i really dont wanna see another 7 days to die or stranded deep. The game has so much potential if you just stick with your original idea and build upon it.

Please add Raft for low pc


Look my Ideia we can use scrap to upgrade the wooden things and the shark cant attack upgraded things sorry my english is not good i am braziliam

(1 edit)

i dont mind lag, cuz with my pc  it never laggs when playing raft, but it would be ausome if you made a discord server

(4 edits) (+2)

Here's some suggestions/what i would like:

- Multiplayer coop and pvp(multiple enemy rafts)

-More enemies (Pirates & fauna[with differents resource drops])

-More weapons (bows, crossbows, cannons [see pirates], harpoons, throwable knives&spears)

-Underwater exploration

-Sailing (move raft) and boats

-Spawning mini-islands (and eventual map and/or compass/stars for orientate)

-Need to light fire in order to use torches and cook.

-Birds (hunt, catch&breed for eggs and meat)

-Status effects (cold, sunburn, injuried, bleeding, etc..)

-Advanced cooking, sleep and medicine/healing (see status effects)

-More base resource like clay, bamboo, leather, glass, coral, rocks, fuel and/or biofuel (see need to light fire)

-More intermediate crafting like planks, pipes, cloth, brick, etc..

-Specific crafting benches for advanced crafting (crafing bench, foundry or furnace for smelt scrap, flyer for cloathing, etc..)

-More and upgradable structures (rain collector, shark-cage & oxygen-tank/bubble [see underwater exploration], sails [see move raft/boat], wind turbine for some kind of simple machinary or sailing [maybe?])

-Wheather and effects (rain, storm, strong wind, hurricanes)

-Easy, Hard, and Extreme difficulties

-Challenges & Achievements

(5 edits) (+1)

Some of your suggestion are already implemented or planned for the upcoming Steam Edition of Raft coming to Early Access sometimes this year:

* There will be multiplayer coop

* Eels as new enemy protecting underwater reefs

* Underwater exploration is in

* You can now sail your base raft

* There will be islands though they'll be small in size.

* Seagulls are in and will eat your crops if you're not careful. You can keep them at bay with scarecrow but Seagulls will eventually tear it apart.

 * iirc furnace is in (for smelting metal), and there will be research station and with it research. There are changes to existing stations as well.

* There is a new resource: plastic and there are number of new fishes to fish and new crops and trees to plant.

* Number of new tools will be available (makeshift binoculars and oxygen tank) and you can make better ones given materials and research.

* Game will have three game modes: Creative, Normal and Hard

* Plenty of new things to build and decorate your raft with including upgrade options for some.

And plenty more. Check out the development blog and Steam page for further information. Also do note that there is not going to be any further updates to free version of Raft (it'll remain as free prototype/demo). All future development will be done on the Steam version.

Hello, I think its way to "expensive" to repair structures compared to the price they costed to build. Why should i repair my foundation using for example 3 planks if i can replace it for just 1 (you get 1plank+1rope for deconstruction it) ? Also i think the chest uses way to many planks. On the other hand - floors are to cheap. I would sugesst the same amount of planks as the foundation and a thatch (isolating - for maybe coming temperature). Thanks for your attention and i hope my englishs not that bad ;)

Do can add a Mutliplayer?

(1 edit)

There will be co-op multiplayer in the upcoming Steam release. You can see it in action in the trailer.

21:9 aspect ratio support

Hi! I would like to suggest the following for RAFT:

1. Achievements

2. Upgrade of Tools, Walls & Items

3. Online Chat 

Thank you for reading this, Sincerely,  

                                                                   AE 1870

Vector building would be a nice option for the game

What I would really like to see is a duo mode where you and one friend can build your raft together. Thanks!


The upcoming Steam version will support multiplayer co-op.

Great game, just binged for the last 4 hours simultaneously with a buddy...cant wait for the steam version and co-op. 

My suggestions, possibly noted above (apologies) 

-Mid game meter such as  "sanity" once you have the food/water/living situation sorted there isn't much of a challenge so incorporating sleep/rest & fun activities to keep you sane would be a decent challenge.

- Pirates...yup! 

-Larger chest, wider inventory, higher item stacking later game. So you can spend less  time micro managing and concentrate more on other aspects of the game. layer on 

Besides that ...all the other stuff mentioned above sounds great! and I look forward to playing more. 

I would like to implement or change:

-Dirt or fertilizer made of palmleavs to make the tree clopplot / cropplot (maybe u can get it through diving)

-A pet

-shark respawn time, but if the shark there he/they attack more.  (maybe 1 till 5 sharks at the same time)

-fight music( if the sharks attack)

- give more points that you have to eat and drink less

-more wappons


-glass to make windows, wappons or a lens to make fire

-maybe some other gamemodes like storymode, survivalmode, sandboxmode or last man standing (so u need to have a paddle and a map)

-mental state (if u sleep drink or eat status is not ok u can get: illness, unstable, nausea, diarrhea,scurvy or infections.)


-Wilson :-P

Deleted 2 days ago
(1 edit)

Seagulls are already implemented in the upcoming Steam version of the Raft, to be released on May 23th with launch price of 19.99$. See relevant development blog post for further details.

Release date announcement:


VR Maybe?

I know this is niche and non-standard but please add 3rd Person Perspective support to the game. Most games in the survival genre already include this, such as Ark, Conan, etc. First person perspectives make me nauseous and I can't really play them so while I would love to purchase and play the game, I will not be spending any money purchasing the game if it cannot support 3rd Person. Again, I know this is niche, but this would be a personal suggestion as I am sure there are others like me that have a hard time with 1st Person and prefer to play in 3rd Person.


Can you try to stop the lag when building a giant raft


Having played through to what I might guess to be the "end" as it were, I have the following feedback:

  • I really liked the seagulls, nice versatility, but please, find additional use for the feathers (maybe an arrow....)
  • Please include something to shoot the seagulls with (maybe a bow...)
  • I did enjoy the upgraded version of the tools; with that in mind, I would really like to see an additional tool:
    • boarding hook - think of it!  Being able to hook those drifting vessels and pull them closer, especially when you have a crosswind pushing you away.  Or how about in multiplayer being able to bring your friend's ship closer during a rough storm!  Or act like a pirate!
  • More recipes; possibilities off the top of my head:
    • Battery + Upgraded Spear = Shocking Spear (stun  that shark!)
    • (If a bow were to be implemented) ingots + arrows = copper-tipped arrows (1-shot that seagull or maybe damage that shark from a distance!)
    • Scrap + Rope = pseudo-barbed wire (rope) - maybe keeps the shark at bay for a few attacks
      • Add a battery to this and BOOM!  electric fence!
    • Sails - how about adding an upgraded type?  I feel the need for speed!
    • Wheel - now you can turn your sail but you won't have to be standing right next to it!
      • Gasp!  What if you added a rudder?!
    • Possible  ingot recipes:
      • Gears! - see wheel recommendation.
      • Pounded copper plate - Eat that salmon in STYLE!
      • Add a source of zinc, combine with copper, and now you'll be  able to make BRASS .
      • Weights - wear them when diving to sink faster and then take them off (drop/lose them) to swim up.

I hope this gets the creative juices flowing.  My son and I are greatly enjoying the game and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow! 

Please make suggestions related to Steam version in Ideas subforum on Steam:

Done. Thank you for the guidance!


Should add some animals like snakes or some skeletts on the Iland and maybe add some Guns to kill them 


I think in game chat should be added for those who do not own a mic

(1 edit) (-1)

raft royale?

omg.. im just joking....

I want a campaign with quests, you can already do i with what you have adding like random npc trading posts or bigger islands with hidden secret chests which you can only go with a map

Also, i wanna work for you as a designer/tester

hello! I'm brazilian and don't speak english too good. So, sorry for errors... 
*add more difficults
*add a dedicated server, for epic battles and raft together!
*add some NPCs and villages in some islands on the ocean!

I really enjoyed playing this game after I bought it a few days ago. As I was playing with my friends, I start to realize it would add more purpose to building a house on your raft if you can have a open sea type of online game.

What I mean by that is that it would be so cool if they can expand the game to making it so that there are more people than you and your friends. You can either choose to go online or play a lobby like you do now with your friends. But if you go online. there's a chance while sailing in the seas you will meet with other players and their friends. When you do, you will have the freedom to do whatever you want with them (ie. socialize, trade, raid and start a raft war, etc). It would add a lot more dynamic to the gameplay and it would also make people build forts and defenses to safeguard their crates and other goods the enemy players can steal. 

Furthermore, if this would be possible, joining an online server would allow you to start a new raft game and you can invite party members for them to co-create your fortress. 

I'm making this suggestion to make the game more interesting and competitive, feedback or adding onto the idea would be much appreciated.


Trees, flowers, watermelon, pineapple, etc should give all give a minimum of one seed for the purpose of replanting. 1  seed in 5 mango trees is ridiculous imo. A rudder would be great so reorienting your boat could be done without running into islands. It would be nice if the candle in a bottle could be lit.


I would love to see a motor to the game, and a way to rotate your boat so if u place catchers on one side you can rotate, Thank you ;)

I have played this game for about 8 hours straight now, each hosting a different session with a few friends. I would suggest :-

- Definitely an engine instead of a sail, and different speeds available.  as once you go against the wind its very hard to paddle back!

- The ability to turn the boat 360 degrees.

- Game chat/text chat

- Definitely like abandoned villages or something, like a larger island for loot?

- My MAIN bug bear is..... food and water go down FAR too quickly. I'm eating/drinking every like 3 mins which is ridiculous! Atleast 6-7 mins would be great!

(2 edits) (+1)

I have played raft around 15 hours on just one world and I want a few things to be added

A rudder would be nice

Fall damage introduced

multiple sharks during an event like storms or such

adding fences or rope fences to slopes aka roofs to make ramps with sides on them

some sort of boss (megalodon, whale shark)

Propulsion against the wind or multiple sails working

Better ax for more resorces collected from everything you can hit normally like destroying boat

When shark destroys a foundation planks and plastic put into ocean where foundation died at

No more shark eating middle of the boat

Fishing net like the net to catch drifting loot but for catching fish or something to raise fish like a spawn pit/net, or an auto fisher (fishing pole on chair)

Better shark bait or a shark bait that hurts shark (poison,explodes,spikey,etc)

stackable stacks, So I want to be able to get a stack of stones build a barrel and put them in it like a chest but for only 1 resorce and tons more storage space than chest. Compressing items so to speak for late game (I have a chest full of ropes and one of leafs and Im only on like day 20)

Harvestable abondoned camps (so where there is a crate on a raft or island/underwater being able to use a tool and harvest the walls or high value ex. scarecrow the crate is nice but I feel its too convienent for a survival game

A way to split the raft into 2 peices or something like that for multiplayer and a way like ropes and wenches to put them back together (the seperation should be designated like having a sail to not break like it does now to make the seperation proper)

For bigger rafts a zipline would make traveling fun and fast

I agree with a lot of your suggestions. I feel like the shark eating the middle of the raft HAS TO GO! The shark should only eat the edges of a raft. I also think a Zip line would be really fun to add as well as an upgraded axe. Fall damage will most likely be added in the future, for realism, and I hope they do add it for the games sake. Lastly, A boss fight would be pretty cool to see, it can get pretty boring just fighting sharks and birds. Plus 1 from me!

(1 edit)

My husband gave me the game this morning and I love it so far. 

Things I'd like to see tweaked:

-You grow a pineapple plant by chopping the spiky top off and sticking it in the ground.  There are no seeds.  I'd love to see little spiky tufts instead of seeds.

-The bird seems to be broken.  She flies through my walls (or maybe my closed door) to eat my plants. She seems to ignore the 4 scarecrows I have surrounding my crops, but maybe I'm doing something wrong with the placement.

-Ranged weapons. Maybe an addition to the spear to anchor it to the boat with rope like a harpoon? I think I'd like something like that more than a bow and arrow, but only for theme purposes. Arrows would probably be easier on resources, but perhaps some kind of feathered dart would be okay.

-Shark weapons. Look up Hawaiian Weapons.  A lot of them are carved wood with shark teeth embedded into the edges.  I think that would be a cool way to make killing the shark more rewarding.  It's hard to fully engage my inner homicidal maniac when all I have to look forward to is a more-pointy pointy stick.

edit: How do you pause the game?

Podem Postar o Codigo do Produto (RAFT) da Steam ? Acho Mais Facil Baixar o Jogo pela Steam, plss

faz esse raft gratis multplayer plss

My biggest complaint is not being able to turn my raft. I built a wide rectangular raft to collect stuff and today I ran into an abandoned raft and it turned me. The only way I found to turn myself is to run into another raft or an island. 

A Rudder would be a great and simple way to turn your raft if anything happens. I also think moving with a rudder and static sail rather than a turnable sail would be simpler and would make multi sail rafts function better.

my and my buds just said that to each other. it would be nice if we had a rudder, especially with bigger ships.

my and my buds just said that to each other. it would be nice if we had a rudder, especially with bigger ships.

Just completed the game. I like the idea of the ending with global warming and water pollution but once you have completed the game, there are no other goals for you to aim for. I think it would make more sense if there was a world map (scaled down so you can go around the world) and have hints to the story line (global warming caused sea levels to rise and submerged continents etc). For example "Australia is submerged" so if you were to travel to the location of Australia on the map, it will be an open ocean which will confuse new players at first as to why this is as it is and then they will find out when they find the radio tower at the end of the game. I also think that the islands should be more like the tips of islands. For example if you where to travel to Nepal/Mt Everest on the map, you might find the tip of Mt Everest, also hinting at the story line. 

The shark, thirst and hunger currently doesn't add enough difficulty to the game, as the game progresses the shark should become stronger and possibly include several sharks at once into the game. Currently The shark does about a quarter damage of your health and you can cancel its attack by hitting it with the spear before it hits you. It also destroys your raft at only one block which is easily repaired. There simply isn't enough risk and loss in the game making it very easy. You could also make the game harder by having to maintain you raft and add some sort of float mechanics so that the construction and placement of objects actually matters. During storms you could have to constantly be repairing and fixing your raft from holes and other issues with the sails for example. 

The game can be beaten very quickly as well, and there should definitely be more emphasis on exploration and dangers such as the shark. More items and materials to be found would also be a good improvement to make the game last longer. I also think an introduction of a pickaxe would be appropriate, for acquiring materials underwater rather than the hook. The hooks is for scrap, axe for trees and pickaxe for mining minerals and scrap underwater. 


 It is possible to get an update so we can catch the electrical fish from the ocean and trap it on our ship and produce electricity 

Here are some ideas my friends and me made up:

-A map and/or compass

-Houses on island(maybe the compass can show you the way back home)


-NPC Quests & trading/shopping

-Being able to build multiple Rafts

-Bigger sails, that make you go faster

-Animals that can be found on islands like pigs, cows etc.

-An animal farm on your raft

Let me know what you think of these! :)

Ive been playing Raft on Steam, The game is amazing but it lacks late game content. Imagine having NPC interactions! Pirates (rare). Perhaps a floating bartering ship? Monetary systems? All just ideas but the game so far is awesome! Keep it up!

(1 edit)

yessss this is what I’m trying to preach we NEED late game stuff so we’re nkt just building to keep the game fun

Maybe I would add autosave, it happened that for some reason the game crashed or it closed and I had to do everything all over again. 

(Suggestions for the early access)

- Boat Motor: This Boat Motor can be placed on the edge of a raft and would work with the sail mechanic. Instead of using a paddle, you can use the boat motor. To use it turn it on (when a battery is in it) and your raft will start to go faster in the direction your raft or sail is pointed. To craft this, you would need: 1x Battery, 4x Bolt, 6x Scrap, 2x Rope, and 4x Iron Ingot. It would take a lot due to it being so OP and it would need a constant change of batteries.

- Island Shipwrecks: Island Shipwrecks can be randomly generated near or on giant to medium sized islands. In it it would contain a loot box like a raft or island would, but would contain better and rare loot. Maybe like vine Goo, Smelted Ingots, etc. The ship would be guarded by an additional shark, due to the insode loot of the ship being so good, making it where you would have 2 sharks on your tail so you would have to work towards getting the rare loot.

- Scuba Mask: A scuba mask would lighten up the underwater view better making it easier to see. It could be used to go deep sea diving so you can see what your doing and whats around you. To craft it you would need: 2x rope, 4x Vine Goo, 6x Plastic, 2x glass.

- Chef Hat: Now this item may seem a bit silly, but hear me out. While me and my friend were goofing off, playing the game, we made a kitchen area. We were talking and came up with this cool fun idea. There should be a Chef hat you can wear, like the shark head, but in order to get it you have to go fishing. When you go fishing, sometimes you pull up a rare item like a lucky cat, candle bottle, etc. When you go fishing, there should be a super rare chance that when you pull up your rod, you get the chef hat, and you can wear it around.

I really hope this game can extend its features so when you have the basics down and have everything researched you’re not just building to keep the game fun for yourself. I think it’s be awesome to add something like villages you could go to by using something like a compass and the game would only spawn the village if you have the compass obtained so you can’t find it randomly in the beginning stages of the game (just an idea.) things like this would make the game so much more fun because it gives me something to look forward to once I am getting toward the ending stages of the game! I am hoping for not just bug fixes, but NEW CONSISTANT GAMEPLAY CONTENT!!! 

The point of these survival games are to (survive obviously) but also make life more convenient for yourself. This game needs a higher level feature of using materials that you can create on your boat without having to wait to find islands and manually mine for scraps for your main tools and such. 

Hope this isn’t a game that never comes out with new content because I really like this game and I don’t want to get bored

You should add motor parts. Sort of like in stranded deep.

Hi, i linke the game and i hope that i can give some good ideas.
the game is to easy at the moment on hard

1. There are too little stuff.
if you find nails you can craft all stuff

2. more sharks at islands will make it harder. one shark is too easy if you know how to attac him.
if there are more sharks -> bigger bait for 2 sharks or more crafted with the otther big fishes?

3. use the clock to see different seasons. At winter you cant plant crops or fishing. so you must stock your food.

4. you can find the blueprints in a box on a raft with pirats or so
pirats try to board your raft

5. a steering wheel that you can turn your raft to sail straight and dont at teh side

6. a storm damage the raft

7. a tool to climb on islands

8. you need the feather for arrows

9. elixir / bandage to heal or you heal very slowly

i hope my english isnt to bad that you know what i mean ;)


Rudder for fixing the rotation of your raft, slight bonus to fighting the wind with sail and paddle.


My husband and I have been playing this in co-op and love it. We'd love to see a way to repair hooks, axes, etc. Also it would be amazing if we could land on other rafts and maybe do quick repair or have a way to attach them to our rafts.

Please note that we are most active over at the steam forums and the official Raft Discord at:

Deleted 1 year ago

those are all great ideas! and, the shark is really not a threat, like at all. i play with 3 other people, and we have shark bait for days, so... yeah...

Hello! my 2 friends and i have really started liking the new version on steam, but whats really missing is nome more craftable decorating. 

I have two ideas in mind what could be added:

1: A surfboard with a shark bite in the side. Can either be stood up on the ground (vertical) or be hung onto the wall. (horizontal) It could need 4 wood and 8 plastic to craft.

2: A Fish trophy to put on the wall. It can be hung up against the wall like the shark trophy, but its not as tall as the shark trophy. A Fish (preferably a salmon) could hang on the wall and will also display the message you write under it. It would cost 8 wood, 4 nails, and of course, a salmon.

these will both just be decorative items, which wont affect gameplay that much, and probably wont take that much effort to put in. Yet they will also fit into the game quite nicely stylewise. It could really enlighten creations built in creative and could also be a great accesorie for your beautiful survival raft. Me and my friend are all playing on one survival world, and are all building are own little rooms on our raft, which would be why we would like them added. 

Thank you for reading,


                Not sure as to how or what direction you are taking this game, but I have idea that I believe would bring a nice twist to the game. when players finally find utopia. flip the script and turn it in to a mission base survival game, more tech to be learned, giving better gear and such. maybe missions to help keep utopia running and functioning. missions that take players out in to the depths of the area around utopia to add to the game play, with co op in game this would bring even more game play to this already great game, but like most survival games you get to a point of board and what is the point of playing. So turn market on its ear and give this game a twist when they get to utopia. Just idea


 I think the player should be able to make floors walls and ramps out of metal and  bigger islands  And mines for the  Islands   To mine up stone ,metal, other ore, and oil, 


make this game free but make a spot wear they can donate so then they have a option to pay or not pay for it

(2 edits) (+1)

Making Bruce(shark) more fun

Fighting with Bruce could be more fun.

  • Make it possible to actually avoid being bitten when you react very
    fast or make him cancel his attack when you hit him just in the right moment/spot
  • Make Bruce far more dangerous. Make him take like 70% of your health and cause bleeding so you bleed out when you don't react good swiftly
  • Make it hard with good gear and next to impossible naked with bad one
(1 edit)

I would like to see enemies like a giant octopus or squid, and maybe even the Kraken during a storm.  If you ever come up with PVP that would be cool too.

I would LOVE to see dedicated servers more than any additional gameplay elements. It's irritating beyond belief when the host has to leave but there's still 4 other players who just put 6 hours hard work into this world and want to keep playing. Not only that but our poor Australian friends who have potato internet really need a break :)

Other than that, me and my friends are loving the game.

I second this

1. A Smithy to craft better tool like the metall spear.

and so use the smithy you need coal and you can craft coal witch 2 different wood types. soft wood from the palm and hard wood from rare woods on islands

2. a rudder for self-rotation

3. a harpoon

4. a mortar to craft chemical like a underwater torch

Dear devs,

So i really like your game, playing this with friends has been a very relaxing and alround fun experience, i think you have a golden formula of gameplay on your hands right here but right now the main thing that seems to be lacking is the end game. Exploring the world and making your raft better is nice and all but it won't stay fun forever. 

I think i have thought of  a pretty good solution for this problem though. Now disclaimer: i know nothing of gamedesign or the technical capabilities of your engine so if the things i'm saying are actually borderline impossible ignore them i guess.

When i played this game for the first time i couldnt shake the feeling that it was kind of like sea of thieves but way WAY better. So i started thinking about how good a game could be that combines the best elements from both.

I will now try to describe the gameplay experience for a new player the moment he and his friends download and boot up this game.

1. Building a raft. This stage would be really similar to the gameplay as it is right now. You load into a singleplayer game with your friends and you just start collecting stuff to build up your raft. on Islands you can find weapons and you have a map that fills the places where you have been(would be nice if you could name places you discover yourself on that map). after a bit of exploring you find a corner of the map where there are a lot of enemies, obviously you only want to go there once your raft is trong enought to take them, so for now you keep exploring.

2. going PvP after some time you and your friends have built a pretty strong raft and you feel confident you can take on that area, a boss fight ensues. if you manage to beat that boss your ship is repaired and you are teleported to the next world, this world has better loot to make your raft even stronger, it has some ai that bother you every now and again, but most importantly you are playing a PvP game now!!. Just like in sea of thieves you will have to watch out for enemy ships who will try to fuck you up all the time to steal your cargo. Now i'm thinking the destruction of your ship will make your ship reset completely to what it was when u entered that area. The endgoal in this area should be the same as in the first one. you beat a boss to progress to an area with even stronger ai, even better loot and even stronger player controlled enemy rafts. this system of progression could also be used as some kind of ranking system where that first world is unranked, the second bronze, the third silver etc. this will make sure this game doesnt die like sea of thieves because there's no progression.

I think this system could work really well especially since the downfall of sea of thieves was that nothing was customizable except clothing which made it hard for me to really care about my ship. whereas in this system, you and your friends will have build your ship with blood sweat and tears and you will want to show the world shes the best and reach high elo with her.

of course this is a very rough draft of my ideas for this game and i would like to hear from you about why you think it can or can't work.

regards and kisses

Abe Wichers (

Is there going to be a PAUSE button added? It would be handy when RL stuff comes up.

Seconded.  Save/quit is a work around, but a pause would be quicker and easier.

Found that if you turn off allowing Friends to join the game will pause with ESC.

Make Raft 1.05 On Mac And Linux

Because I Am So Tired Because Raft 1.04


i was thinking about how to improve/add more content to the research table aswell as possibilities within the game. i've been noticing that when a bit further in the game the general need for plastic goes down whilest they do always end up in my collection net, i feel like a good way to expand the research table aswell as dealing with the plastic. is to create a new researchable the ''chemistry set'' in wich you can turn a glass into chemistry cups (and perhaps use other materials for other chemistry components) and in real life you can turn plastic back into oil, or a different liquid fuel. so with a chemistry set in game, and therefor unlocking the ability to make oil and other potential substances we can expand the list of things to research/build like for example having oil and fuel as a requirement for a motor that can drive your boat.

also perhaps other materials that can be converted by the use of a chemistry set, maybe materials that arent yet in the game but can be found on or around islands in the future.

im looking forward to seeing new suggestions regarding the idea of a chemistry set.

Hi, its been a while since comment but, I just downloaded and played the game. I havent read all the comments but yet there is something I would have like to have in game and its perhaps a slow calm and relaxing music. I tought it might have been by design but, if in the debris we can gather there was more useless stuff like old bottles or balls or stuff just to hang somewhere, but also a music box. A music box that the player would have to crink to get like 15-30 sec of music. I think it would be great. thanks.


hello i want rejoin your server for playing raft multiplayer

(5 edits)

Perhaps some sort of shark-repelling vegetation that you can hang in the water to decrease the chance of the shark attacking the surrounding tiles? it wouldnt completely prevent the shark from attacking those tiles, and, the more of them you use, the less effective they are, because the shark gets used to them

also, maybe a system in which food rots if you leave it on an idle cooking tool without picking it up or if you dont store it in a chest. rotten food would decrease health, and only help hunger half as much as its regular counterpart

a tutorial at the beginning could be helpful, along with an option to decide whether or not to play the tutorial for every new save file. 

additionally, maybe there could be some random/silly "secret" interactions, which would be hinted at or given by floating bottled messages (e.g. trees are more fruitful when planted with mackerel)

there could also be a "chill mode", where the shark comes less often or not at all, but debris isnt as common and items require more resources to build

a system of item upgrades would be cool. an upgraded fishing rod would catch a greater variety of fish, the hook would go farther, the spear would do more damage, the building hammer would gain the ability to build a greater variety of items, the axe would become more efficient, etc. this could even be applied to appliances; the cooking and purification appliances would become faster, nets would become wider, etc. 

animals other than the shark would be amazing. you could build a terrarium for turtles, a tank for fish, etc. the downside of these items could be that the shark would attack more often, and, if a creature falls into the ocean, the shark would come immediately.

(2 edits)

Several of your suggestions have already been implemented in one way or another in the Steam version of the game.

Shark can't attack foundations and collection nets reinforced with foundation armor.

Most tools have upgraded version made from scrap or metal. There is also upgraded grill and water purifier among others. The official Raft wiki, while bit outdated, shows most of the new things introduced.

There is Peaceful mode where hostile animals don't attack the player or their raft.

Next large update will introduce tamable animals and animal pens among other things like personal armor and backpacks

que hayan muchos mas peces como ballenas,mas tiburones,que se puedan investigar mas como investigar  todo lo del buso para que respiras mas bajo el agua y nadar mas rapido,que de dia haya mas holas sin que haya tormentas y mucho mas


I think there should be an oxygen tank that you can craft out of metal ingots, and also maybe reinforced flippers. These would allow you to stay underwater for much longer, the goal of which would be to go to a new area: the Deep Sea.

The Deep Sea could have new precious metals and resources used for crafting new, more powerful items that might be used for other things within the same update. I'm imagining an obviously dark underwater place (you'd need to be able to craft a headlamp as well) full of:

- Deep sea vents that damage you if you swim into them, but also have small white crabs (like the Hoff crab) near them that you can catch to cook up

- Anglerfish that bite you but drop glowing bio-luminescent 'pearls' if you kill them, these could be used to craft an upgraded headlamp

- Other creatures such as viperfish, isopods, giant tube worms, pelican eels, etc.

- Shipwrecks and/or sunken submarines, in which you could find lots of good resources

I'm just riffing with the thought that there should be something deep underwater, and I feel this could be a fun addition. Thoughts?


Add nudity toggle option ( like how rust have?) where you can have option to take off and on undergarments with censor filter( if its going to have clothing and clothes craft feature?)




Love the game :D I'm playin on macos and everything fine (no errors at all).

- I love that there is possibility to automate catching garbage and would love to have posibility to automate catching fish and cook, and grabing a salt water as making it fresh. so I don't need to do this manually.

- Yet another one: is to making something like Spike around the "boat" to protect it from the sharks. 

my twitch account is: and I'm helping with localization to ukrainian/russian for free (let me know if you interested).

I really Love this game! Watched alot of streams and now started to play my self! I really have one issue. When i bump into an island and my raft is turned there is no way to turn it back. I would love to see if we can make a rudder or something. That you can turn the same way as the sail. Hope to see something like that soon! Other than that the new Steam version is amazing! 

It seems there will be rudder in the next update:

Yeah i saw it after i posted this! Sorry for the usless post! Thankyou for the Reply! 

(2 edits)

No problem. I recommend you post on Steam forums in the future as forums for Raft are no longer maintained (and this is for discussion about the free prototype in the first place). Even I check the site only now and then.

Please make the player respawn after death.

Curious... do you ever work with 3rd parties on new games? I'm following Chronicles of Elyria at the moment, but as far as I can gather their water content is negligable. Raft's water content is pretty cool - is there potential to negotiate a share cut and add some of this sort of content there?

Suggestion: On joining a multiplayer session, trigger the mousewheel event / scroll. This appears to fix the bug where the hook doesn't work for joining players.

Suggestion: Add whales and turtles as occasional encounters.

Mac compatible from steam pleeeassee.

Is there a decrease of jumping distance in the latest update? It probably makes trouble in  moving  in our  built boats.  We need to do some  changes on our boats unwillingly in order to move from different parts. SO I suggest   do not change the  distance of jumping.

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