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Just Finished My Let's Play On This Game - Nearly 12k Views so far =)

A topic by TheDailyDino created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 409 Replies: 4
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Don't know if this is allowed or not, (rules below just state dont spam or be a dick). Other places usually have a place to leave a comment on the games download page and that is where i would let the developer know what i thought about the game and leave a link to a playlist of my playthrough but i couldn't seem to find that - unless i seem to be blind haha.

At first, it was a bit cringy and thought i'd play this as apart of my "one shot" indie series. Do a video, talk about it and move on but i decided to stick with it and make it into a full on series and i'm so glad that i did. This was the 3rd Pokemon game that I've ever played, so not to much experience behind me with it but i think i got through alright, though my lack of "types" really showed haha. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and am currently playing through a second time as well.

My first playthrough was just about 14 hour and 26 minutes. That was condensed into 10 videos in total that average about 8-12 minutes each. So these aren't just start/stop styled recordings, there is a bit of editing put into each. If you happen to watch the series or any of the videos, i'd love to know your thoughts.

Niiice,but don't forget there is also tons of more things to do after the elite4

oh yeah haha been going through it little by little haha really enjoying it so far.


I'm glad you liked the game. The post-game content will double your playtime if you want to 100% it (and it takes ~100hrs to 100% the game. Yes, there are people who have done it). Do keep in mind though that the Post-Game story chapters are pretty crazy... it turns into some sort of psychological horror for a while. No jumpscares or anything like that, just some really weird stuff.

I haven't been paying attention to this game at all; there's some bugs and other things I need to fix but after the game was semi-DMCA'd I've lost all motivation. Might do that stuff soon.

I just finished the Final Cave and I loved the ending! I got a little emotional too.


Savordez, is the player possessed by something during the Mt. Moon events or is it purely conscious action?