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​Bowie Box-Set for Sept. 2017?

A topic by JamieD created Dec 29, 2016 Views: 566
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I've discussed this recently in some other threads (as I'm sure others have), but seeing as 'Five Years' was released in September of 2015, and 'Where Can I Be Now' was released in September of this year, it seems the next big Bowie box set would be released in September of 2017.

One would imagine that it would include the Berlin Trilogy, but will it be focused on just those 3 albums? Or will it include Scary Monsters as well? Could it go even further, considering that the first two box sets both contain 12 CDs/13 LPs.

I'd personally like to keep it to just the Berlin Trilogy, and perhaps Scary Monsters (since it's closer stylistically than it is to its successors), but it seems they wouldn't be able to get to that 12CD/13LP mark...Although I'd imagine that's not too important, unless the powers that be have OCD. Hear Me Now Ringtone free

What would be included if this were the case? There are the two mixes of 'Stage', as well as 'Re:Call 3'. Is there any other live material from this time period that could be included? And how about a name for the set? 'Sound and Vision', 'Art Decade', and 'Fantastic Voyage' could all work.

Any thoughts?

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