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Desire Den

A scalie/furry swinger club simulator for PC with VR and Android versions included · By Frosted Brain

Very nice! Just a few criticisms

A topic by Walroose created Aug 18, 2019 Views: 223
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Hey, I'm new to, so I'm sorry if this isn't the way you're supposed to give feedback lol. Overall I think this game has a lot of potential, but there's some gripes that I have. I'm running on PC btw.

-Optimization really needs to be a thing; my computer is pretty good, but even with the graphics at the lowest quality and with all my other programs closed, I can't seem to get above 20 fps most of the time. The lighting seems to be what the problem is; even when I turn off shadows, light sources are definitely where I drop the most frames.

-The collision boxes for initiating the sex scenes needs to be much more defined. For Aleph and Ivanna, it's perfect. But for all of the other characters, I have to kind of finesse my way around and constantly press "E" and just hope that I eventually enter the scene; it's very finicky. Nina and Lucid were the two hardest scenes to get into.

-The cursor needs to be hidden and constantly centered; I noticed that when I start up the game, the cursor isn't locked to the center, but when you enter and then exit certain sex scenes, then the cursor is suddenly locked to the center. And then when I enter other sex scenes, it becomes uncentered again. This isn't really a problem in fullscreen, but in windowed mode, it becomes a really big problem because as I look around, my mouse can leave the window and then I accidentally click off of the game, which gets kind of annoying. And again, it really should be hidden because it's also very distracting.

Those are my major complaints, but I have minor ones as well:

-The text. The game looks absolutely beautiful, but the text just looks so bland and out of place. I really suggest stylizing it; I get that this game is in early development, and that may have been on your to-do list anyway, but I felt that it's a pretty integral part of the game, given that much of it involves dialogue. The text should also have some kind of black border, because it blends into the background very often, making it a little more difficult to read. I also think that when you're choosing what to say, the dialogue options should change visually in some way when you hover over them, because if I hadn't watched the video, I'd be a little confused about what to do when those options came up.

-There's a lot of clipping in the character animations. Most notably on the title screen, where the bartender's arm goes directly through his hip. The girl behind the counter talking with the bartender also has some clipping issues between her arm and her boobs, but it's less noticeable. The sex scenes are very polished though, and I haven't noticed very many animation issues with them, so great job with them!

And that's pretty much all the problems I have! I have some suggestions too. Again, I know this game is still in early development, so you may have already thought of some of these things, but if you hadn't, then here's some things you could potentially consider:

-Alcohol and bars seem to be common things here, so what if you made alcohol a big part of the interactions? Maybe if you buy someone a few drinks, their sex scenes will get wilder and kinkier. Or maybe some characters refuse to have sex until you get them drunk.

-Cum scenes would be amazing; they could just simply happen over time, or maybe it's just a separate option for a separate cumming animation, or maybe you have to do something like timing your button presses with each thrust or getting them fully drunk. Whichever way, I think the sex scenes could definitely do with good closure, and cum scenes would be the way to go.

-Reactions to when you throw money at someone would give an extra incentive to throw money. The girls could giggle and blow a kiss at you while the boys wink and flaunt their junk at you; simple stuff like that. Or it could even work similar to the alcohol, where some characters have crazier and more intense sex scenes if you give them money. Or maybe if you throw enough money at the naked dancing girl, she comes over and gives you a lapdance. Though, as it is right now, it is kind of funny to just chuck your money at someone's face lol. But I think reactions from the characters would be cool.

Well, that's everything I have to say. Overall I think this game has a ton of potential, and could be absolutely fantastic with some modifications and additions! As it stands, it's a very beautiful looking game, and the sex scenes are certainly a pleasure to look at. I'm very satisfied with this purchase, and I look forward to future updates!