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Scaled objects shift position and cant be shifted back on load

A topic by AliceXVI created 30 days ago Views: 30 Replies: 2
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I built a Tavern as part of a scene for a town, using a lot of scaled objects. It was built using the modular village pack by Keith that I picked up from . When I loaded the scene back up in the morning pretty much every object in the scene that had been scaled in some way had ended up slightly off center and I couldnt find a way to get them back on center and had to spend 40+ minutes deleting and replacing the broken parts. I stayed up late to finish off the scene and once I completed and exported it I saved and reloaded it and the same objects went off center in the exact same way. Thankfully I shouldnt need to reexport the scene but it would be nice if this issue could be fixed incase i ever want to revisit this scene in future.

This is how it should look (captured from the exported obj loaded into unity)

Hey, sorry to hear this happened :( I'll take a look into this issue but rest assured, it'll be fixed in a future version of Asset Forge.