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Status: Major changes coming to fungs, anims to follow

A topic by bludgeonsoft created 93 days ago Views: 26
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Major changes are coming to how DNA affects morphology which in turn affects the physiology of fungs in Vilmonic. (anims to follow)

Everything is now based on the number of pixels in each "organ". This reworking is to make it easier to surface some of the depth and detail that is currently hidden in the game. Features will be added to so that you will be able to view the internal workings of each life form. (X-ray machine? Dissection?)...

Fungs will now require hydration based on their cap size, take in water from the environment based on how much is available in its biome, and lose hydration based on the surface area of its cap.

The surface-area-to-cap-size ratio will be a strong selector for fitness in different environments. This creates interesting stresses that will affect the evolution of morphology in the game. For example: more water than needed without enough surface area to dissipate the excess and the fungol will possibly die before reproducing.

Similarly, the number of spots and height of the stalk will affect how many spores are released.

The growth of these structures is (already) controlled by the DNA of each organism. Genetic mutations will change how a life form grows, and affect its fitness for its environment. Nutrient use will also be affected.

I'm deep into this change, and it's a pretty intense one, but I just wanted to give a quick update to let you all know that things are still moving!

Also, more beverages are coming: one that repulses zombs, one that attracts anims, one that makes you super strong, and another that heals you!

Stay tuned!

- Markus