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Shotgun Farmers

The mutliplayer shooter where your bullets grow the guns · By QaziTV

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A topic by QaziTV created Dec 26, 2016 Views: 303
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Developer (4 edits)

12/30/16 - v0.6.9.0


  • Weapon sway when moving, jumping and landing
  • SFX on jumping, dieing, killing, bullets, melee, equipping, harvesting
  • Third person animation for jumping and landing
  • Third person strafing animations
  • Health HUD changes color by value
  • Explosions check for obstructions in case it hit something behind a wall
  • Can no longer shoot through walls.
  • Third person blinking animations.
  • Icons for weapons in HUD
  • Camera kicks up when firing weapon
  • Discard old weapon when picking up a new one even if its not equipped
  • Melee now shows kill and damage cursor
  • Ragdolls will lose there head when killed by headshot
  • New explosions and rocket trail vfx

12/26/16 - v0.5.41.0


  • Crouching - slower move speed, no footsteps
  • Motion blur and SSAO
  • Disabled camera effects based on quality level
  • Scoreboards are sorted
  • Your team scores are always on the left in the UI
  • Clean up old chat messages
  • Updated Photon
  • New ragdolls created with pieces instead of skinning
  • Event list shows how someone died and team colors
  • Trail fx on shovel swing
  • Cant join teams that have 2+ more players than the other team
  • Equip animations
  • Harvest animation
  • Fixed footsteps not working
  • Impact FX on melee environment
  • Swap weapons with numkeys
  • Show Weapon inventory in HUD
  • Shovel makes you run faster
  • Switch weapons with Mouse Wheel/Y Button