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help me

A topic by shiva-23 created Dec 25, 2016 Views: 624 Replies: 48
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can anybody help me to make an enemy in fusion 2.5 platformer


do you mean characters design, or code for the enemy? I've never used fusion, but if it runs java or c# I could help woth code. If it is character design I'd be glad to help just need to know what you want.

i use clickteam fusion 2.5

but i can use a coding program but i dont know coding

fusion dont needs coding


It's one of those "no programming required" tools. Everything I can find about it seems to imply there's not scripting language in the traditional sense -- everything is visual.

right can you helpme on fusion


You still didn't say how. If it's about using the software, you need someone who's actually used it. Have you tried Clickteam's community section?

hey hi can you checkout my game


Looks nice! So you figured things out after all?

yes did you download it :)


No. It's huge, doesn't look like my kind of thing at all, and my only Android device is a poor-quality tablet that's several years old. Sorry. But I wish you luck.

no problem:) i am glad that you saw it

aiplexprogramming please help me


what do you need help with

Hi I would like if possible if you could give me a couple of models of houses,weapons, and a couple of round bots (the Player). Unfortunately I can't give you money but if the game should return I'd give you the first couple of months of this yield.

3d or 2d?


do you have skype?

I don't skype but email?

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I have the email if you so if your email could ask.

can I ask you for advice when I run the game in unity so where I turn the video camera is the player but I don't want and when I want to go back so I go forward

my email is

hi can you help me this error?

hi if i ask some code will it take money check my game

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hi 3d games czech can you try my game here and if there are somethings to suggest please tell me:)🤔

Hey, your game is pretty good but I gun mode and a new map if you told me if the background is just wallpaper or something

aiplexprogrammimg can you help me on python

I just seen that :p anyways I don't use python.

can i have your number so we can chat in personal

can any one help me on python


I made a few games in Python, though I don't have them published here. What seems to be the problem?

i want to learn python


Oh, okay. For that, I recommend the official Python tutorial. For learning to make games with the language, the PyGame library is very easy to use, and does a good job. I gave up, though, because it's hard to distribute games made with it. For that, the pyglet library would be better suited -- though I wrote a couple that simply run in text mode. Hope this helps!

for 3d


You can do 3D in pyglet, it's built on OpenGL in the first place, and has bindings for it. Failing that, there's always PyOpenGL proper.

The first step would be to download and install Python [here], along with another good tutorial [Learn Python The Hard Way]. I'll also second the Pyglet library once you have a better grasp of the fundamentals. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask.


thanks it helps

hi can you test my game here

iam using now blender

any one have used gameguru