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Shadow of the Wyrm

Traditional roguelike in the style of ADOM and Omega · By Julian Day


A topic by Galaduir created Aug 15, 2019 Views: 334 Replies: 3
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Greetings to you, o mighty wyrm-charmer! May I humbly ask, is there any probability of adding graphic tiles (maybe even some simple and basic variants) in game in some distant and ominous future? ASCII realm looks so frightening for an unaccustomed traveler...

Thanks in advance and good luck!


It's on my long term to do list- not something I can promise for right away, but it's something I'd like to add eventually. It'll take a long time to add, and I want to make sure it's done right and well.


So, time for an update on this. There's no tiles support yet, but the latest release uses SDL as the default renderer, which means that tileset support is a lot closer. I'm going to keep inching towards actually having graphical tiles.


Should've updated this a while ago, but just wanted to mention that the game now has full sprites support. It's on by default, though you can switch between tiles and ascii in-game, and between SDL and curses in the ini file.