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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Gardening water use (tank vs bottles)

A topic by suicidejunkie created Dec 23, 2016 Views: 544 Replies: 3
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Growing plants manually with the water bottles takes twice as much ice compared to when you use the water tank.

Each water bottle needs two ice to craft, rather than just one which is likely the cause of the mismatch.

Additionally, if you pour water bottles on a seed which is being fed from the water tanks, the water is simply lost. The tanks continue draining, and the soil goes dry as soon as the tank runs out.

Related suggestions:

- You should be able to pour water bottles into the tank for 60 units of water.

- If an ice usage would put a tank over capacity, see if there is another tank in the base which can take the overflow instead of allowing it to go to waste.

- If the ice cannot fit then the action should fail. Right now you are able to add ice to a full tank, and the only effect is losing your ice.


I'm glad someone posted this, I had no idea that I needed to put ice onto the water tanks to store water...

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Late to the thread. Good suggestions suicidejunkie -

I wanted watering by hand to really inefficient, to push the player to have a reason for building a water supply - but maybe I went too far.

Also yeah, would make sense to be able to drop water back into a water supply.

The overflow lost-water thing is a bug/oversight - it should automatically fill up any connected water supply containers instead.

And yeah, should probably add some more tool tips and feedback to let the player know what they have to do to grow plants. It's definitely not obvious.

Even if you don't waste resources doing it by hand, it is still quite inefficient since you're standing there clicking with water bottles instead of all the other things you could be doing like gathering resources, crafting, or maintaining the base.

And you'll lose time as well since you have to wait for the soil to go dry before you know to add more water, or if you do go out, then the plants will dry up and stop growing until you return.