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The Color That Fell From The Sky

A topic by Rodrigo Nascimento created Dec 22, 2016 Views: 237
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It's the 42 nd century. The English people from the Old Earth left to colonize a planet without Americans or dentists. On a lonely corner of the galaxy, where they wouldn't have to worry about what the neighbor planets were going to think, they found home in a small grey square world that perfectly reflected their inner selves and called it the most uninspired name they could think of: England.

They were mildly happy living in silent desperation until a swarm of sentient colors decided to make the planet more colorful and happy. Queen Elizabeth II – who was not amused - ordered their best and most sarcastic pilot to use their best and most uninteresting spaceship to keep the rubbish invaders away and maintain England the way the English like it: grey.

The Color That Fell From The Sky is a twin stick shooter where you control a spaceship and shoot a never ending wave of enemies. It's perfect for when you have only a few minutes to spare, but can also entertain you for hours.