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New Proffesional games by VMX? Please read this

A topic by VMX Studios created Dec 22, 2016 Views: 302 Replies: 6
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Hello all players and developers.
 I am dealing with programming from already quite a long time. 
For some time working on game Manufacturing Plant / Startups. 
I'm ready website, and everything else (later re-buy domain), 
but does not have games. And because of holidays working on 2 games 
(+ game by any one person team). One game will soon be ready, 
the other is to finish third and made in 33%).
 I have a question to all of you. 
I do not know what the games are interested so
 I ask you all to write what games we can do. 
We will select the best ideas, and it will process. 

Best Regards 

Our YT channel


Hello, I don't think you should look for what people want, though I think you should look for what people don't know of. Look at a game like Banjo: you are a bear that runs around with a bird in your bag collecting music notes and jigsaws. That is something no one could have expected, but it did very well. Good Luck!

  • Yes, it's great idea! Thanks. Please write more ideas ;)

That wasn't an idea that is a real videogame for the N64

I've got an idea that I've toyed with for years, but I've always been to busy to make it. Idea {All shooters have a minimap. I've always thought a game where you are literally playing a minimap would be fun. } :p or maybe I'm just wierd.

i know :) but great idea is make non typical game :D