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​Why so much hatred for the first John & Yoko albums?

A topic by MartinL89 created 129 days ago Views: 43
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I've often wondered why there is still so much hostility shown towards Two Virgins, Life with the Lions and the Wedding Album?

I know Lennon's involvement encouraged a lot of his pop/rock fans to take a listen, and their surprise/outrage is understandable... or, at least, it was at the time. It's a long way from "Radio Play" to "Ob la di ob la da."

Yoko's credentials were no less valid in her sphere than John's were in his, and they've only grown stronger since then, so it's not as if anybody is surprised by what they hear on these albums. Especially after almost fifty years.

So is the rock audience still expressing its dislike? Or is it the avant-garde audience (towards whom these albums were targeted) that fills on-line forums, reviews and comment boxes with such bile? John Cage fans up in arms about "Two Minute Silence"? SME fans demanding more John Stevens?

I'm hoping that the new reissues might bring about some new appreciation of these albums. But somehow, I doubt it....

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