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Beans Inc

First person restaurant Tycoon · By vandijkstef

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A topic by vandijkstef created Dec 21, 2016 Views: 542
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26-2: Updates?


How's it been? Where are you taking this? When can we have updates?

Well, I've been working on a whole load of stuff. Adding extra recipes of coffee, and a resource system for the machines required a much better ordering system. Besides that, the build system has been massively improved, and very close to being put in a build.

I just opened the build you currently have, and I totally forgot the customers had massive improvements to their AI. They will live in the world now, and early tests have shown the possibility of at least 30 unique characters. Theres a world of possibilites there...

I'd like to explore those possibilites with a small group of testers. The game will move into closed alpha. Ill send out invitations soon. For your chance to receive one, please register here:

But, what if I don't get in? I will always provide a free demo version of the game. Depending on the next steps in the game this will be either feature or time locked. Please note the current demo simulates being at least 30-60 minutes into the game.

The support you guys have given this game has been awesome. Thanks again for all the love!

Serve those cups!

13-1: We got a new build!

Hi there!

So it happened, I just pushed an update to the game. Get ready, but don't get hyped too much. For you as the player, nothing much really changed yet. Yes there is a new UI, Yes you can buy resources now, but yes, that is all for now. (You might notice a slight change in the envoirement though)

What happened with the game over the last weeks then? Well, I totally rebuild the game allowing to easily add content in a stable way. This included the ability to change the shop to your liking (on a predefined grid) and allows you to save your progress! (For the techies, the current shop is actually being built using a default save file).

Expect more frequent updates over the next weeks, adding more coffee types, other drinks, foods, machines, smarter customers.

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for playing Beans Inc.! I still have a hard time to believe the download numbers. I've seen a lot of video's and received a ton of good feedback!

Read on for more blah-blah, I will give you a small update that allows continuous gameplay

So, what has happened over the past month? Well, most of the time I spent on creating a build system for the game. The basics are there, but all the bugs are too. What this means for you? There will be a "fixed" layout for now. The bar, kitchen, office and restaurant area will be in the same location, you can decide how it actually looks, what goes where, etc. This will be a huge part of the game, and won't be coming this year.

Additionally I started working on the backstory and the surroundings of the coffeeshop. I conspired with a an amazing artist and got some concept art done. You'll see it soon enough.:)

Now I'm focused on getting the continuous gameplay in, basically creating a system to order "resources". Oh, I might have added support for xbox controllers.

Please keep dropping your thoughts/videos/bugs in the topics below/twitch/twitter/comments.

(All the old messages seems to be lost, I'm sorry.)