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Worth-the-price sale

A topic by fonserbc created Dec 20, 2016 Views: 122 Replies: 2
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Mind-tricking sale

Hey guys, I just created a small sale, feel free to join.


The idea is a self-aware sale where we put our games that have a nice honest round price (1.00$, 5.00$, 10.00$, etc) and converting them into a mind-tricking or deceiving amount (0.99$, 4.95$, 9.90$).

The discount of the sale is the minimum (1%) so we still keep the price of our games where we intended them to be.

I'm open to changing the name or the description, but this is the main idea.

Rebranded to Worth-the-price sale.

The idea is to keep the price of our games, because we didn't just randomly gave it a price, but rather very carefully set it's value.

I don't like to devaluate my games, it feels like devaluating myself, even if it's sale season.

I find the intent a bit shady because the goal is not to encourage people to buy your stuff but to benefit from the sale visibility system.

10% is still a low discount IMO, and it feels more honest. Even at 10$, your sale price would be 9$.
Anyway, that's just my opinion, I wonder what other people think :)


Hey Minitrope, you made me rethink this since there might be other people thinking like you and that was not my original intention at all.

I changed it to do a reverse sale instead. Increase by 1%, and made the description more clear with its idea.

Thanks for the feedback!