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Optimized build script

A topic by kotob created Aug 08, 2019 Views: 242 Replies: 1
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First of all I really appreciate your nightly builds, and I was wondering if you could add the LTO option to the building script.

See here in docs:

The LTO option makes the binaries faster AND smaller. For comparison, empty games without LTO are around 120mb uncompressed (around 90mb compressed) but with LTO they are around 20mb when compressed into zip.

Especially since these builds are used for jam games, it is essential that are as small as possible since A) A lot of people need to be downloading it, and for browser playable games size is essential.

Also B) other engines have comparable build sizes for small games e.g. Unity jam games are usually 20mb as well, so having 100+ mb for a simple 2D game is embarrassing.

I hope you consider this option!


The reason I did not use LTO is because the GCC from default Fedora crashes Godot.

The releases of Godot custom patch gcc.

I didn't feel comfortable doing that.