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Yearning: A Gay Story

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? · By bobcgames

Will a walkthrough ever happen?

A topic by thehumungoushomo created Aug 08, 2019 Views: 478 Replies: 4
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I totally understand what the game is meant to be and that the goal of the game isn't necessarily to date people. I really appreciate all of that and think the game is wonderful as it is. But I would also love a walkthrough just because I'm having trouble figuring out if I'm doing things right for specific routes. Which just brings me to ask if you think you'll ever do a walkthrough? If not, that's no problem, I'm just curious. Absolutely love this game and will definitely be playing it through a million more times :)


Chloe Spencer has done a "Yearning for the boy" series on YouTube that includes walkthroughs of four of the five routes. (The fifth, I believe, is in progress.) There are also tips in various devlogs and the behind-the-scenes book if you'd prefer to avoid outright spoilers.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, though!


I've gotten farther into the game with the dating routes and I would just like to thank you for the emphasis on consent! LIs are notifying you before they kiss you, and are very considerate when it comes to the more sexual side of things and that means a lot to me. In a lot of media no one ever asks and they just assume that it's okay, and seeing a representation of a healthy use of consent is a wonderful thing. So thanks for that :)

Chloe's series does not include step-by-step instructions. All it has are videos of her doing the paths, and she's already admitted to having made mistakes in her video. The only walkthrough she actually put to text, from what I could see, was Carlos' route. 

I wish a walkthrough had been included in the tier rewards, since I really don't think I like Chloe's videos.


There should be step-by-step instructions with each video, either in the video itself (at the end), or in a pinned comment under the video. They should also all be fairly accurate? There were some small changes to the game after her videos were filmed, so there may be some extra steps now that aren't in her walkthroughs, but nothing in them should be *wrong*

Is there a particular route you're missing? I have some old text walkthroughs for James and the secret route I made for myself for testing, but they too are probably slightly inaccurate at this point. (But I'm happy to share either of those given YAGS is pretty old at this point.)