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Alternative Warcraft: Orcs & Humans game engine. · By Andreas Jonsson

Question about publishing on

A topic by acoto87 created 11 days ago Views: 15 Replies: 3
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A year ago I started to develop a remake of Warcraft 1 (like yours), and one of the resources I found for undestanding and inspecting the DATA.WAR file was you repo on GitHub of your implementation. With your's and with War1gus implementation I could understand how all the data is layout on the file. It was very helpful.

Now I've the game pretty functional, and I'm preparing an alpha version and I want to publish it here and start writing about it. I don't pretend to redistribute the original *.WAR files, people will need to get it from official sources to play Warcraft I with my implementation. So, the question I wanted to ask you is: Do you asked permsision to to publish your OpenWar project here? Did you talked to Blizzard about your project and ask its permission to publish it?

I'm asking to know if I need to do the same before publishing mine here too.

Best regards,



One of the reasons I stopped developing this is because it is in the legal gray zone.  :) This is a MOD of a game so in countries that allow that this should not be a problem. (Given no copyrighted material is distributed.)

When I started this many years ago it did not look like Blizzard had any interest in there old DOS titles. It wasn't even possible to by new copies of the game.
But with the new release of Starcraft and Warcraft3 (and Warcraft 1&2 on releases. It looks like they might still be interested in there old releases so I have decided to back down.

Since OpenWar is not playable yet I decided to just keep it rather then removing it. Thought it might have some educational purposes for people interested in modding and hacking. :)



Ops... Just realized the project was set to "On Hold".
I have updated it to "Canceled".


Thank for the response.

I understand your reasons for cancelling the project, I have those same doubts but at the same time I want to develop an engine (like a Warcraft 2 engine) that allow me to develop my own IP, and leaving out the burden of making art and levels for now is good for me to develop the engine, since I can focus on the programming itself. At the same time, I don't want to be a waste of a product, so I figure to publish it like others have done it (without redistributing copyrighted material) and hoping Blizzard doesn't care that much.

Best regards.