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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

Thank you! + question

A topic by Hempuli created 15 days ago Views: 182 Replies: 3
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This game is amazing, I've been enjoying it a lot! Exactly the right kind of relaxing.

I was wondering - the silver feathers make the various races quite trivial - is it possible to turn them off? If not, I think being able to disable them in the inventory could be really neat!


Thanks for playing Hempuli!! :D

I had thought about disabling the silver feathers for races, but ended leaving them to give players a boost if they were having trouble with them.
After beating Avery once or twice, she'll start copying what you do - so she'll effectively be using them too! Although, the option to disable them in the inventory sounds like a good option

Oh yeah, I noted Avery mentioning being able to do better; I wondered if they  might run faster on later races but didn't test it. That's really neat, too! I guess Avery would need to tone it down a little in the case the player was able to disable the feathers, though, haha.

I came here to make the same suggestion! I felt the same way that the races were a bit too easy once I had the silver feather, I think an option to disable it in the inventory would be great.