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New Robot: The Bomber!

A topic by waffles10k created Dec 19, 2016 Views: 207 Replies: 3
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The Bomber: A robot with a need to give humans hugs, and then blow them up

The bomber is a fat robot that charges at you, nothing stops it when it charges at you, (Except kicking the poor fat robot... You monster)


The Mk 1 - Bomber appears in the gold tier, this one just charges at you, Stops moving when it starts its explode timer of like 3 - 5 seconds, then explodes. Farther away people would get knocked over, but close by would DIE! (Bum Bum BUUUUUM,) other than that. There is nothing outstanding to it.


The Mk 2 - Bomber appears in the diamond tier, This one charges at you, But also jet-packs at you! (AIEEE!) and the explosion is a bit bigger! This means these will close ground with you quickly. Hug you with explosive love and then turn everything you know and love about your robot body into glowing cubes that the cleaning bots have to pick up.

Bomber MK 3 - A General Clusterf*ck

The Mk 3 - Bomber pops up in the titanium tier. This one is pure nightmares, Along with jetpacking to give you hugs, when this one explodes. instead of launching YOU! It launches loads of Bombs! Meaning that they will end up screwing up your day, These act like normal spidertron bombs. But are more lethal! (;_;) The only problem is that their widespread bomb hugs will end up giving fellow robots not so good times either...


-Waffles10k ;P

Sounds terrifying! Could be fun. :)

Robotron - A robot looks like Spidertron but launch MK1 Swordman.. Hehe..

waffles10k what about different colours for different bombs? for example green would mean the bombs aren`t that lethal yellow would mean they can actually kill you and red would mean you`re fudged up