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Updates to itch.io Share and Release Announcements

A topic by leafo created 303 days ago Views: 212
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Since we started our global community we've had two separate boards for people to promote projects:

There were two goals when we created these boards: give people looking for something interesting an alternative to digging through recently added games, and give the site curators & admins a way to discover new things we could promote on the homepage and share elsewhere.

Sadly these boards didn't get as much use as we'd like to see. I've updated how they work as an experiment to see if we can get them to be more active.

Here are the changes:

  1. The sorting order of the topics is now based on the original post date, this means if someone posts on an older topic it won't bump up to the top
  2. Topics and be voted on up and down, and the voting buttons are available from the topic list and the top of the topic
  3. Topics that get more votes will stick around on top longer than topics that get less votes.
  4. Game thumbnails are extracted from the topics, and are now visible in the topic list
We've updated the rules to add a note about cheating votes. It will get you banned so don't do it. Additionally we'll continue to moderate the boards to make sure they aren't being abused. If you'd like to stay on top of these boards then I highly recommend you click the Subscribe to new topics button available on the top of the topic list.