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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Expedition to Origin (Adventure story + Bug hunt)

A topic by suicidejunkie created Dec 16, 2016 Views: 148
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Day 9:

It has been more than a week since the crash, and nobody has responded.

I have decided to embark on a trip to the rumored location of a research base at the polar cap in the hopes that the people there can get me home.

Day 10:

I've collected all my supplies in the buggy, including my tools, a large supply of food and oxygen, the portable habitat, and a respectable seed stock of metal plates. In my excitement, I jump through the wall of my base to get in the buggy! :O

Northward ho!

Day 11:

I drove through the night, stopping only to collect a couple patches of ice, and hammer out some dents when I hit some of the bigger rocks.

Day 12:

I've found a good place to stop, with lots of rocks and ore. And importantly, enough nearby scrap metal to build a forge to process all of it as well.

Day 13-15:

Lots of productive mining done. Doubled my stockpile of RTGs, and added a bit to my food and oxygen stockpiles. Up to 6, 28 and 14 respectively.

Unfortunately, my navigation system has informed me that I'm going the wrong way. Apparently this planet was claimed by mathematicians, and origin base is south-west of here, not north. Once I'm done here, I'll have to go back.

Day 16:

Found a HUGE vein of ore, plants and scrap!

Day 17:

Diggity diiiggy dig dig. Huh. I seem to have forgotten where I parked. Walking back to base seems more prudent than continuing to search for my car.

Day 18-20:

Smelting everything! Crafting everything! Three portable bases are packed and ready to go, including smelters. And I've got slots free to collect stuff on the way.

Day 21:

Got a ways out, before realizing the extra inventory slots were because I forgot to pick up the RTGs. Heading back.

Day 22:

Time to go for real. 37 food, 57 oxygen, tools, 3 portable bases, 5 RTG and 3 slots free.

Day 23:

Making good progress, stopping to pick up radioactives, ore, and plants. Supplies are lasting well at 35 & 54 remaining.

Day 24:

Ran into a pair of large mud lakes today, thin pickings, but good for travel. I'm about a third of the way there according to the map now.

Day 25:

Found a small trove before meeting the biggest mud lake yet. Drove all night to cross it. Found some more goodies on the other side however! I violated the rule of always keeping the buggy in sight a little bit, but left a trail of mundane rocks to follow back.

Day 26:

Jackpot! Ten tiles of ore, and six radioactive rocks in one spot! About halfway to my destination now.

Day 27:

This looks like a good place to set down a field base. Supplies are holding at 39 food and 47 oxygen, and the trip loot comes to 90 ore, 35 plants, and 29 radioactives.

Looks like a job for two smelters at once!

Day 28-29:

Five new RTGs built, and plenty of metal smelted to leave this base in place while restocking inventory to three portables.

Food is up to 58, oxygen still at 47 since I haven't been collecting, and 42 ore left. The base is well stocked, and still has lots of nearby resources for future visitors.

Time to head out again.

Day 30-32:

Found a decent patch of ice, and went to set up a bench to convert it to oxygen canisters. Overestimated my inventory and ended up setting up a full portable base in order to make and deploy a storage locker.

Overall, a gain of 1 food and 3 oxygen, and loss of a bunch of base parts. Not worth while.

Day 33-34:

Got some good driving in this time. Found another patch of ice but this time I did things better. Put down my all my oxygen generators, and the shovel to make room for the metal plates and ice, built the O2 canisters, baked some more snacks and packed up in a day.

Day 35-36:

More cruising in the buggy. Getting very close now!

Day 37:

Dawn is rising on the origin, and hope turns to fear. Chunk 0,0 appears.

Whatever experiments were being performed here have clearly gone awry and the very crust of the world is in upheaval.

A bit further in, an eldritch void consumes my path, but I press onwards.

Passing through the veil reveals more non-euclidean land.

Resources here seem plentiful, but when I step out to collect them, my shovel passes through their ethereal presence harmlessly.

I attempt to deploy my oxygen generators, but they vanish like mist in the night and I have none left. A little voice whispers that I should not be here in the negative chunk zone, and my doom approaches.

Day 38:

My map shows a thin tendril of reality, and I flee back towards it.

The ghostly resources vanish behind me while the rocks remain solid enough to make their displeasure known against my front bumper.

Day 39:

I seem to have returned to normal ground, but the experience haunts my dreams. Is anything even real anymore?