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Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Apha

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Cannot extract

A topic by KingDeath created Aug 04, 2019 Views: 833 Replies: 9
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The extractor keeps crashing whenever i try to extract the file on to my desktop

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Try Keka which you can get on the Mac App Store (paid version) or visit (non-paid version). That one worked for me

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And if the mac version worked?
As I do not have a Mac computer I could not prove it, so I have the doubt.

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Well after extracting, running could not open for me. However, this can be fixed by browsing to /Applications/Utilities/Terminal in Finder or do a spotlight search for 'Terminal'. The problem has do to with permissions. Normally the file inside the *.app -> Contents -> MacOS folder has to be able to execute. Judging from the file icon, it is currently a white blank icon. If the file is suppose to be an executable and has that permission to do so, then the icon should change to a black icon with the word 'exec' in it.

So to fix the problem, once you open Terminal, you need to browse to the application in Finder, type 'cd' in Terminal and hit the spacebar, and drag the application into the Terminal window to fill the path. Once you enter, the current directory will update and you need to enter at least the first two commands (or all four just in case)

chmod +x Contents/MacOS/nwjs
chmod +x Contents/Frameworks/nwjs\\ Helper
chmod +x Contents/Frameworks/nwjs\ Helper\\ Helper\ NP
chmod +x Contents/Frameworks/nwjs\ Helper\\ Helper\ EH

After doing the first two commands, the application opened, and I haven't had any issues with playing the game. It does take a bit for the game to start but everything seems fine.

yo could u help me please

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Put in the Applications folder

yeah thansk for that, with mac do i have to do the same process with every game i download?

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No. In the case of a game using nwjs you are more than likely to do the same process unless you have a Service or Application made via the Automator app (which you can find in the Applications folder or spotlight search it) to do the process for you :)