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​Watch Dogs 2: Are you feeling it?

A topic by JamieD created Dec 14, 2016 Views: 192
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I'm curious what others' feelings are on this game. I haven't played the first one and thought I'd pick this one up. To be very honest, I'm kind of bored. I am a little over 2 hours in and I can't seem to find the satisfactory in this game. Maybe I haven't given it enough time. The hacking is cool, but almost seems bland and not needed a lot of the time; I feel I can just silently take enemies down and work my way towards the objective. I also think I'm confused how this game plays. Is it a stealth game? I find the experience bland so far and somewhat.... boring. There is no strategy, tactics or skill needed; just run through the level and reach the objective. Does anyone else feel this way? Is it just me and I need to spend more time on it, figuring out how this game plays? Let me know your thoughts on the game. I'm very curious, because there is something in me that wants to find the enjoyment in the game.

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Also, it feels almost like a less combat heavy GTA to me. Ehh, idk what to think. Fill me in on your thoughts, please.

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