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Kenney Studio

Easily create your own asset variations using simple to use software! · By Kenney

My Suggestion List For Kenney Studio

A topic by Donni created Dec 14, 2016 Views: 699 Replies: 7
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Hello All,

Created a suggestion feature list for Kenney Studio future versions:


1. Bring back Axonmetric creator

2.. The ability for users to import custom made collections/ and sprites ( once we get some documentation)

3. The ability for user to export a sprite as .ken files

4. The ability to save created assets to homescreen ( that way if we are in middle of working on a asset, we can save it to the dashboard and continue working on it later.

5. ( once suggestion #4 is implemented ) the ability to create folders on the dashboard ( homescreen ) to organize assets.

6. A button to get back to the homescreen from the sandbox ( instead of reopening the app). Maybe something like " Exit To Homescreen " button, then a popup " Would you like to save this assets to the dashboard to continute working on it later ?" Option button selection : "Yes", "No" , "Continue Working On Assets".


  • Buttons
  • Plants
  • Tappy Plane
  • All Voxel Tiles

Well these are my suggestions, I'll keep updating this list ( and crossing out features which have been implemented as new versions come out) instead of creating new topics each time. Great job on the app Kenney :) !


Thanks for your suggestions Donni!

1. Probably not, the focus of Kenney Studio will remain at the builder part.

2. While already possible technically, there should indeed be better documentation for this.

3. Already possible, check the export tab.

4. You can place any .ken file in the /templates/ folder and it should show up on the homescreen, there's currently a maximum of just 6 templates though. Next version is going to have pages and/or folders.

5. See above :)

6. Yep, planned!

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward!

Seeing the plants would be great as my studio game graphics can he updated.

I would like to add a suggestion to this list.

I would like to be able to import either sprites or a sprite sheet as a new collection.

I am a coder, not a designer, and I love the potential of this tool to make my own assets. I also purchased the first and second asset packs as a bundle with this tool but am a little disappointed that I cannot use them as collections. Of course it is possible I am missing something.

I saw a post where instructions where given on how to create my own collection, but I don't have the graphics tools listed in the post.

this might sound like a stupid question, but can you build isometric tiles/sprites? I ask because I also bought the isometric tiles set. I have a plan to use them for a future game idea.

@Aron Marczylo,

First of all, you can't import sprites like isometric tiles or any sprites or tiles for that matter. This is a planned feature of importing images and is not implemented yet. But it is planned. Right now you can only create with the pre-loaded sprites. Second is that when you buy Kenney Studio you get 2 downloads.

Kenney Studio 0.51 (deprecated) - An older version of Kenney Studio, includes a 3D Axonmetric creator, this version was before the re-brand of Kenney Studio, with a totally different UI. Probably going to drop off the download page in a month.

Kenney Studio NXT 0.2.0- The latest version of Kenney Studio with the new UI, does not include 3D Axonmetric creator. As Kenney said above, this feature will probably not make its way back into Kenney Studio. If you want to create 3D assets, I'd suggest looking into Asset Forge another tool created by the Kenney Group, not out yet though, still in development.

So for now if you want you can create 3D assets you could ( limited features )with the Kenney Studio 0.51 using the 3D Axonmetric creator. The Axonmetric creator, however does let you import 2D assets to attach to the side of the cube. But if your looking to create real, nice looking 3D or Axonmetric assets, I'd just wait till the release of Asset Forge, the old version of Kenney Studio isn't getting anymore updates on the Axonmetric creator, probably going to be dropped off the download page soon. And Kenney Studio NXT isn't getting a Axonmetric creator. Or if you can't wait then just buy a Sketchup subscription( will take some learning though).

Best of luck,

Thanks for the reply Donni and I currently bought a bunch of things from Kenny's birthday sale (Kenny Studio, Kenny Game Assets, Kenny Game Assets 2 and Kenny Isometric Assets) since at the moment I'm still learning to do my own art at a later date and I'm currently still learning in a game developer course so I'm a long ways off before I make my first commercial project for the moment :)

Eitherway, I'll be sure to by the Asset Forge when it becomes available and then advance to Blender when I feel more confident.