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TumbleSeed is a deceptively deep roguelike about balancing a seed up a dangerous and ever-changing mountain. · By aeiowu, dlask, benedictfritz

Has anyone been able to aim weapons that face away from you, effectively?

A topic by Gerald Kelley created Dec 13, 2016 Views: 113 Replies: 2
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I just had a situation where a Pistol spawned right next to a enemy that was firing projectiles at me. Seemed like a slam-dunk, but the closer I got to the pistol, the more minute changes in my position had HUGE effects on the angle the pistol was aiming (since it seemed to aim in the opposite direction I was). I feel like I'm getting better at controlling this game, but this aiming mechanic seems really hard to predict and execute.

Is there anyone that's been able to control the "aiming away from you" mechanic? I'm wondering how much of this is skill and how reasonable the expectation is on the player.


I'm curious about this as well! We've been using this mechanic forever now so we're pretty good at it

It's pretty weird. I've manage a few times but mostly I ignore those seeds.

After playing this a bit more, I've started to get the hang of these.

Still really tough, but I'm seeing the magic happen. I approve.