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A lock pick simulator where you DIE if you lose. · By Lana Lux

Very good so far, also very easy

A topic by svetliaka92 created Aug 01, 2019 Views: 24
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It was a bit confusing at first that i got to keep above a certain tension to prevent the puzzle from resetting. After a hot minute, i found a neat little trick that was a game changer. Even on hard mode if i leave the tension to be just above the minimum below which the puzzle resets, and i lift the pins with small taps, the pins get unlocked, and the pick doesn't break.

Some ideas as food for thought:

- On the easy mode having an indication for where the min required tension for the pins to stay would be helpfull;

- Having different levels of required tension per pin to prevent my trick;

- On hard mode have all pins receive tension, and if you pick a wrong one to reset the puzzle;

Best regards,

Svetlin Svilenov