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A puzzle game for your mouse or finger! Swipe tiles to form crosses and beat the clock! · By Max Krieger

Issue with controls - HOTAS x56 ?

A topic by RidoKilos created 49 days ago Views: 25 Replies: 1
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So this is going to seem really dumb (because it really is), but I can't seem to play this game with any of the controls specified ... I think because the game is detecting my logitech x56 as a controller...  I plug in a PS4 controller to no avail. Remapping the buttons to mouse/keyboard options doesn't appear to work either. I really think the HOTAS is hijacking the controller... bits... idk. I'm too lazy to unplug my throttle and joystick from my PC to actually test this or for that to be a solution so uh.. sorry haha

Feel free to ignore this since I'll be non-compliant if it involves unplugging anything. Truly no hard feelings.... but x56 controller support when? :D

Literally happy to test anything else in terms of software adjustments/changes/updates.

Just kidding I miraculously became un-lazy and unplugged my HOTAS. Confirmed to be the issue. My PS4 controller now works with the x56 unplugged.