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Change Log Sticky

A topic by kopskop created 310 days ago Views: 93
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Developer (Edited 3 times)


Itch Build


  • Rank no longer depletes with time and is treated like a resource.
  • Rank can now be spent to enhance certain moves by holding down the attack button during execution. The strength of the EX Move is determined by the Rank spent (B, A, S, X) to activate it.
  • Changed Grounded link routes to avoid silly infinites like P, K, P, K, P, K ...
  • Bullet Elf longest Ground Combo - P, P, P, K, K, K, ↓+K, →→+P (after this, the only moves that will link starts an Air Combo).
  • Summoner longest Ground Combo - P, P, ↑+P, →+K, K, K, ↑+K (after this, the only moves that will link starts an Air Combo).
  • Summoner Ground P, P and K, K changed to keep the opponent in place.
  • Summoner new move →+K - Pushes opponents away to Kick range (What P,P,P combo used to do).
  • Both character now have a new Chain Combo, which is a series of automatic attacks that are done by repeatedly pressing P.
  • Pressing "Esc" on the title screen now exits the game.
  • Stage enemy hitpoints reduced.
  • Added player silhouettes when behind objects and enemies.
  • Added new music for Title Screen, Stages and Boss.
  • Added Continue Screen.
  • New Super special effects.
  • Added Super Flash when finishing a Section with a Super Move.
  • All the Bullet Elf and Summoner's moves have been tweaked, check out their frame data [here] and [here] respectively.


  • Enemies now show when they have armour.
  • Summoner Air ↓+P, ↑↑+P and Air ↓+K, ↑↑+K loops fixed so they cancel easier.
  • Pushboxes now behave correctly (Press "9" on keyboard to view hitboxes).


Amaze Build


EGE Build