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Repair your robot in Endless Mode

A topic by Thorondor created Dec 11, 2016 Views: 193 Replies: 9
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Found this bug quite by acident. Haven't tested it in Story Mode.


1. Win current round.

2. If you're damaged, like missing a leg, exit to main menu.

3. Click on Endless Mode.

You start in the upgrade room with an upgrade pending, fully repaired, in the next round.

oh yeah this is a very old bug. i'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet

I plan on fixing it when I add some way of repairing yourself. Until then it's up to you guys if you want to use this exploit. :)

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well... of you insist... :3

I was thinking that there should be a way to repair your bot... and I knew about the exploit.

I would love to see how you implement bot repairs.

I just came up with an Idea!!

a new upgrade, Drone Repair.

When you get a limb chopped off and you have the upgrade, It uses up energy slowly and heals your limb or missing part!! I really think this would go with the gameplay well and could be implemented and improved by you.

Healing it pixel by pixel until you have a completely healed part. Of course, you cannot control where you start ealing, so itcan also inconvenience you by using up energy! C'mon, it not a BAD idea...

or using dead enemy bots to heal your bot: taking a mk2 sword bots arm and attaching it to your shoulder

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I'd probably steal a MK3 Combat Archer's arm, to see if I get any better with the bow, because, seriously, when I use a bow I'm as accurate as a fish with a machine gun

hm... I know some fish who can kill, so...

WAIT! machinegunfishatron xD