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Desire Den

A scalie/furry swinger club simulator for PC with VR and Android versions included · By Frosted Brain

Desire Den Major PC Update 1.06 Sticky

A topic by Frosted Brain created Jul 18, 2019 Views: 282
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- Fixed Loading Hang When Going To The Main Menu From The Pause Menu

- Fixed The Loading Screen's Text Position As To Not Collide With The Game Controls

- Dialogue System Changes

- Activation Of Sex Scenes Is Now Dialogue Choice Dependent (Say the right things and don't get turned away)

- Corrected Grammatical Errors In Dialogue System

- Added "Hovering Projection Pucks" Above Virtual Dogs To Better Illustrate Their Existence As Holograms

- Added Lucid's Dom Scene From Previous Versions Due To Popular Demand (Animation Seam Still Visible For Now, You Will Notice A Nasty Loop. This Scene Will Be Completely Redone To Fix This Issue But Won't Happen Until Later This Month)

- Fixed Lucid's Crazy Eyes

- Fixed Lucid's Missing Jaw Animations

- Fixed Lucid's Fingers In His Re-Enabled Scene

- Added A Rotating Camera Around The Dancer That Will Display On The TV Near The Bar

- Enabled Ivanna's Old Scene At The Bar