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[Art] Looking for an artist for a weird game!

A topic by CryingPsycho created Jul 15, 2019 Views: 145
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I'm a Dubstep/Metal music producer who also happens to be a game programmer. One day I played "Just shapes 'n beats" and I thought to myself what if I make a game like this but absolutely F*cking weird? THAT is what the world needs right now! So I made this prototype to demonstrate the idea:
As you can see, there are really no limits on how much you can go absolutely nuts in this project. I want a creative artist who loves these kinds of things and can be by my side and give me bat sh*t insane ideas on the aesthetics and design and story too! And I try not to limit the visuals to any specific art-style so don't worry about that.
Of course, I am very serious about making this game so I am fully committed to completing the project and publishing it so if you join, consider yourself committed too.
Send me your delicious portfolios to my Email:
Or hit me up on discord: CryingPsycho#6351

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