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asset forge causing computer shutdown

A topic by Wapiti created 41 days ago Views: 96 Replies: 4
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I am using asset forge on a windows 7 mainly with the keilsoil asset and after 10-15 minute my computer shutdowns, the screen go black and the keyboard and mouse no longer light up nor seems to act on the computer, whatever music I am listening to stops after a few seconds too but the light on the computer tells me that it is still on, the keyboard not responding I shut it down by pressing the power button for a few sec and reboot the computer which fix the issue until the next time I use asset forge

I am force to constantly save and create my map by short burst which is annoying and time consuming + it is probably bad for my internal hard drive

btw I never had a similar issue with any other program


I've talked with a community member and he said this might be an overheating issue of your PC. This problem will most likely also occur if you use other software or games that require heavy use of the CPU and/or GPU.

It might be best to check temperatures of your internals using software like HWMonitor;

We're currently working on a new version of Asset Forge which uses less resources and thus would cause less heat to generate, although the issue for your PC might still exist so it's recommend to get that taken care off (like better airflow, checking for broken fans or more power to the fans).

I doubt it, I  played many more graphically demanding app/game and my PC as a lot of space with functioning fans

either way hope the next updates will fix the issue

I'm afraid I can't fix an issue that has so far only been reported by a single user, I strongly believe this is caused by your set-up. If you're willing to send log files of your PC I'm willing to look into this further.

there you go :

Initialize engine version: 5.6.2f1 (a2913c821e27)
GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1
    Version:  Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.0]
    Renderer: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series (ID=0x6610)
    Vendor:   ATI
    VRAM:     2025 MB
    Driver:   24.20.11001.5003
Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.dll into Unity Child Domain
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll into Unity Child Domain
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll into Unity Child Domain
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript-firstpass.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript-firstpass.dll into Unity Child Domain
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Assembly-UnityScript.dll into Unity Child Domain
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.UI.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.UI.dll into Unity Child Domain
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.Networking.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.Networking.dll into Unity Child Domain
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.Analytics.dll (this message is harmless)
Loading C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.Analytics.dll into Unity Child Domain
- Completed reload, in  0.208 seconds
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\System.Core.dll (this message is harmless)
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\System.dll (this message is harmless)
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\UnityScript.Lang.dll (this message is harmless)
Platform assembly: C:\Users\user\Desktop\assetforge-windows\AssetForge_Data\Managed\Boo.Lang.dll (this message is harmless)
<RI> Initializing input.

<RI> Input initialized.

desktop: 1280x960 60Hz; virtual: 1280x960 at 0,0
<RI> Initialized touch support.

The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object 'Exporter') is missing!
(Filename:  Line: 1743)

UnloadTime: 1.092158 ms
Setting up 2 worker threads for Enlighten.
  Thread -> id: 1ff8 -> priority: 1 
  Thread -> id: 1abc -> priority: 1