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A short game. Find your purpose in a world covered in darkness and a mysterious dust. · By PouleyKetchoup, TheTorri, Nekomatata

I hope you won't mind! :D

A topic by GixterTrixter created Jul 02, 2019 Views: 173 Replies: 1
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Hey I hope you won't mind if I upload my gameplay of this game on my youtube channel I want to share it with my friends and the others! :3      I really like the game it's simple! But I really don't understand the story. :(    Sorry if I am an idiot :D

Thank You for the Game!

Keep Up the GoodWork! :3


No you're not an idiot :) The game is pretty vague on purpose. More will be explained with the longer version one day!

Thanks for the video, it was awesome. Explaining what you're confused about helps us a lot for both story telling and gameplay.