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A topic by TheGameMaker created Dec 01, 2016 Views: 192 Replies: 8
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Help me! I can't find the videos, and I've purchased the course. Heartbeast, I'll give you a week to respond before I report the course. I still love your videos, I'm just missing the videos.

chill out mate, I'm sure it will be up as soon as it's ready

Sorry, just on a really tight budget, and I splurged to get this course.


Hey, thanks for the question. Some things to note before we move forward.

  • The course is still in development, I've started recording and I can get you access to the first 6 sections but it isn't finished yet
  • I'll be adding new videos to the course each business day and you will get access to those as I upload them
  • It is looking like the finished game+course will be out sometime in January (scope creep and such)
Okay, if that is okay with you I'll get you access to the course right away, if you are on a really tight budget and want to wait I can get you a refund as well.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks, also I don't want a refund, but I do want to know where the videos are.

I would love to see the first 6 sections, sorry for being snappy.


I just sent out an email. It should show up in the email inbox you have attached to itch.io.

Yes it does. When can I expect the videos? Where are the download links?

Did you get the email? If not send me an email: heartbeast.studios@gmail.com