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Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you play as a forgotten god set on destroying the world. · By Artur Smiarowski

Any tips for surviving lol?

A topic by vitokin created 88 days ago Views: 97 Replies: 3
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I love this game and i Know its brutal and permadeath which i love, I'm not being against it just wondering if i can survive my best char was nearly level 3 but i forgot how i achieved such thing now i die constantly before reaching level 2 maybe i go too fast hehe, any tips appreciated. Perhaps i need to take my time to do things and when exploring ;o

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It's early after release so probably everyone is still trying to figure out the game. :) Some general pointers I could give you is to try new stuff and approach slowly, some professions may have a harder beginning and it can be affected by how you distribute your first stats. I've made a run yesterday with Orc Berserker and wrote a little story on how it went on twitter, maybe you can find some pointer there: Either way, you will know more with every try and with more knowledge you should be able to figure out better strategies. :)

PS: I got to a little over level 3, so no major spoilers in the tweets.

I found the vampire warlock I played had the easiest time so far. No preparation of corpses required to satiate needs, and nightvision gives you a huge straightforward advantage. Just slaughter everything and sip on their blood as you go :P If you're determined to play a mortal, the fish people near that starting river can be butchered for something like 10 fish meat per.

Aside from food survival, you have to make wise ability choices especially early on it seems. I would recommend preferring a panic button as your second level pick. Hard to know sometimes when a creature is going to be too much for your current situation and you've got to book it out of there.

Thanks to you two ;) And yes vampire warlock was my best character i remember now hehe