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can't do anyting after starting a new save

A topic by pupup876 created 57 days ago Views: 44 Replies: 1
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I started a ne game and when I spawn in im stuck in the floor behind the counter unable to do anything

you can either
A) check the stickied "FAQ 0.1.1"
B) check the confirmed bug list ported from discord (paraphrased, should have confirm and discord in the title though) (on here)
C) Get on the discord and check #confirmed-bugs
D) (this is a lcomment link, of an image/comment I posted for the location, as well)
E) Alternative workaround (not a fix in the slightest) Change what difficulty you're playing on. (this will most of the time, work, As its usually your old saves that are causing the issue, and unless you have saves of every difficulty, it will avoid creating the conflict when you choose a new save difficulty that you didn't have previously)
If you still have issue past that, feel free to tell me (you can get faster results over discord)