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easiest 2d engines that is commonly being used to make the turn-based spatial tactics games on here?​

A topic by spatial tactics created 29 days ago Views: 112 Replies: 2
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have you used different 2d engines recently, say within the last year to 6 months or so?

  • if so, you'll likely be able to help

the goal is to see how simple (how hard) how many hours it'd take to prototype/make

  • a simple minimal turn based spatial tactics game
  • examples of turn based spatial tactics game are xcom, ff tactics, fire emblem, etc
  • these kinds of games have the spatial element of a map/area

for users like me that has never used these things before and knows nothing about this stuff

  • what's the key positives negatives of the 2d engines you've used recently?

looking for easiest simplest to use

  • i want to focus the simple minimal spatial tactics on multiplayer but that'll be later on
  • are there any sites/places you recommend where there would be ppl that would know this?

are there anyone here used 2d engines to be able to know which is easiest to use / learn?

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There is one called SRPG but it is stil new and limited, people are having problems with it and it is not really the best for custom gameplay but it is something you can use to look like fire emblem:

how could there be nobody else that replied yet... 

all these games on this site... someone must've made them....

maybe it's all made by companies who knows...