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[Voice Acting] British English Voice actress with free time happy to help

A topic by piratescarfy created Nov 26, 2016 Views: 292
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Click to view a short sample of some recent acting/voiceover clips of me! (unfortunately recorded before I got my new mic)

Hello, I have done quite a bit of theatre work, both classical and contemporary, and I've always wanted to have a go at voice acting but have never had a serious chance. I have some experience of game development, and did all the voice work for my own "clic bird 2 start" which is a jammy, scrappy sort of game. I 'sang' all the music, voiced my own sound effects and if you die, a randomly selected 'game over' voice clip plays.

I now have a pretty high-quality microphone and a little experience in editing audio in Audacity as well as basic voice effects. I'll certainly do free projects for free, but if you're selling a game I would like to negotiate a small fee for my services.

If you want to see evidence of my acting, I do an infrequent comedy series on Youtube, occasionally record monologues via request to my Tumblr, and have performed comic songs in the past. Check out the link at the top for a short sample!

Note: I don't want to voice sex scenes. I'll do NSFW dialogue, but no actual sex, thanks.

If you're interested in my help, please email me on