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[Game Art][Character Designer] For hire or Free colaboration.

A topic by Sprigs created 150 days ago Views: 388 Replies: 13
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Hello Friend!

My name is Nuno a.k.a Sprigs and I'm a 25 years old Portuguese
Character designer & Game Dev.

I think I can help you with your project!

My Skills:

  • Illustration
  • Character Design
  • Environment Design
  • Prop Design
  • Sculpture
  • Team worker
  • I give my heart to the project

What I can do:

  • Art for Videogames, card games, board games, "you name it" games
  • Children and Adult Book Illustration
  • Caricatures
  • Comic books
  • Mobile App UI and GUI
  • Traditional Art like sculpture, watercolor or even inking
  • I want to make projects that thrill and take me out of my confort zone!
  • Challenge me!

>> Check My Portfolio <<

If you think my work fits your project, just message me and we'll talk about details and prices.

(is possible not to charge)

:) No strings attached :)

With best regards,

I don't really need your help but I'd like to know what you think of this character I made. https://gyazo.com/b7e1ef5b2560c08fe21ae01a1fea60e0 Hope you get find a good project to work on.


You don't need my help..

But you're asking for tips...

Dude.. seriously?

No, just asking your opinion.

Dude... Me giving you my opinion its me giving you my help... know what I mean?

Or do you just want me to say if I like or not? lol

Yeah, that's what I want. Just for you to say "it's okay" or "it's garbage".

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Hello Im available to make a game. I had my eye on a game called BonBon Cakery. Its a free game for android thats made in pixel art but the style of art does not matter.

You should check it out on your mobile device and tell me if you are able to make something similar. I really am not a casual game player but for some reason the core gameplay is appealing to me.

I would enjoy making a game in a similar fashion if you are willing to work for free. Im not working on anything at the moment so i have nothing but free time.

I was looking around the internet for free sprites to create stuff with but nothing seems to be popping out in my eyes.

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Sorry mate, I don't want to make clones for free.

For free I only do originals.

But I thank you for the proposal.

With best regards,



No worries, You never specified what kind of game you wanted to make. Good luck with your future projects!

Good luck to you mate! :)

Best regards,


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To Sprigs

My god I have been looking for someone like you, please tell me you're free to work. I would love for you to be in my game developing team called Nebula Heroes if that is okay for you. My only concern is if you can make anime(Japanese animation) character sprites for visual novels or JRPGs.

Info about my team is, now please don't get discouraged, but we are a team of 12 most of which are in high school, Junior and Seniors plus 2 teachers and we are new to the industry of Indie development but I have a dream(and a plan), with your skills I know we can succeed to bring great games.

Also is Full time an option?

Hello there Anime-X!

Glad to know that you like my work :)

I'm sorry for this late reply, I've been very busy this days.

Just have some questions for you if you don't mind.

  • What kind of project would this be?
  • How old are you and your team?
  • What would you expect of me and this project?
  • You want to be the team leader right? what moves you? (who are you as leader?)
In case we don't work together, I wish you luck.
But, work for it! Never back down!

With best regards.

Your friend,


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Thanks Sprigs for replying

At first I what to start out with simple games just to get noticed but after that (which is where you come in) I need art for visual novels and RPGs but right now we are in a prolonged preproduction so to tell the truth I need you full-time but you can still work on other projects, but when the preproduction is over I would like you to help in any way possible.

Age: 17 or up

I am the team leader and what drives me is the many stories I've written and which am burning to tell through VNs or RPGs. As a leader I am pretty laid back and nice(or so I am told) and love to make games(when I finally get my equipment and when the preproduction phase is over).

So are you in?

Hi there!

I could use your skills for a game I'm making! Let's talk.

Can you do art for game maker. If so I need your help please