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Beggar Of The Universes - Alpha 1

A topic by Geniusy created Jun 14, 2019 Views: 165
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I'm started to making this game long time ago. But I was stopped working on it due school.
Today, I'm published the game page. There is no downloadable content yet but it's coming soon.

In Alpha 1,
I'm finished the animation and clothing system but there is no boutique. 
It is going to come with Alpha 2. I drew the HUD. I'm almost finished the Street 1 map. 
Begging system is fully ready for use. AI is going to improve with every update.
Housing system is finished and our first home, "tent" is ready.
And last thing, time and date system. You can see how many days you survived and today is which day of the week.

If you have time, please take a look to my game and share your opinion.

Game Page

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