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Character Discussion - Bullet Elf

A topic by kopskop created 327 days ago Views: 241
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Difficulty: Easy

The Bullet Elf is a close range rush down character. She needs to be in the thick of the action which is where she is most effective. Quick OTG's like ↓+K and her air EX ↓+[P] help keep her combos going in the air and on the ground.

Chain Combo

The first 8 Hits is spent on the ground, after which the enemy is launched into the air where the rest of the combo continues ending in a knockdown.

Basic Combo Stratagy

She can perform lengthy ground combos, however this can leave her open to attack if she remains stationary for to long. Use her Dash Slash (→→+P) to move out of harms way while attack to keep your combo going. Her mobility options also help her stay in the thick of the action, use her long range jump (→→+J) and dash (→→) to cover distance quickly.

Great EX Air Moves are ↑+[P] which does a lot of hits, and ↓+[P] which causes a ground bounce that enables her to restart her air combo.

Key: [] = Holding a button

Bullet Elf Frame Data